Why PvP is always changing / the decline of PvP through the years

The “pro” players are the ones to blame for the game constantly being in tuning hell. The fact we have to change things every few months based on the whim of a small “pro” community of about 400 or 500 people at best.

The same people who wanted TC gears 4 to be like 3, a fast and technical game where aggressive decision making rewards you against people who botwalk+hardaim or sitting behind a piece of cover.

Fast forward to gears 5, it had a rough launch with tuning settings that people didnt like, but they slowly and surely got people back in their good graces. It had a great balance between aggressive options and defensive play. Many people thought they were gonna be done tweaking stuff, they only did it so many times in gears 4…

Now in 2020 these pros want to flip the script. They want to pull the “its a cover based shooter” and “now every push is more thoughtful” cards now, after years of the settings we had being their choice of play. More importantly, what the community and average player is so used to.

Their reason being? “Because of the speed and the fact you can close distance makes it easier for worse players to get kills” “[the new movement] its just harder to do so not everyone can mash their way to victory.”

Oh, exactly as i theorized, they were tired of getting clapped by random players in pubs and so now they have the devs making tweaks that are going to benefit them and them only.

What a bunch of clowns.


Ong I lost all respect for TC and these so called “pros” imagine being a pro but needing the game to change to benefit you obviously they’re not the pros they think they are either way nobody even cares about the esports scene they’ll only succeed at killing gears once and for all


Do you have any evidence of this? I follow a few pros and many of them found out about the changes at the same time we did.

I’m not gonna blame TC’s sporadic tuning updates on the pros.

They always have surveys & TC uses that as game changing evidence…


Lurking around in their discord and asking them personally their thoughts on the new tuning.

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