Why pistols are always excluded?

why i cannot puts pistols on locker ? why i canot buy a snub or boltok from fabricator ? i dont wanna play with talon, talon is worst weapon in all gears of war history(just saying) fix this. its basic… i dont play with some characters cause them have talon with 3rd weapon, (lizzie, kait…) its simple to me, buy a boltok from fabricator, if i play with mac(focus on boltok) i cannot put my boltok on locker ? WHY ? i really cannot understand this. its a basic thing .

I think the problem is that what happens when a player has no guns, the game was never designed for players to not have some sort of weapon equipped in multiplayer.

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Yeah but then there’s a bug that’ll rarely pop up where your character stands there with all their weapons unequipped. It mostly happens when a game lags or just starts but you’ll rarely see it and sometimes it can even happen if you get picked up from DBNO in a weird way. It’s funny as hell though.

Well the animation exists for your character to walk around without weapons in MP(it used to be possible to drop your pistol by some way). So that wouldn’t be an issue.

What is at question in the OP is why TC is adamantly refusing to let us buy anything other than a repair tool for our pistol slot while no enemies use any pistol.

Id like to know this too. I want to be able to buy a boltok from the fabricator. I want them to bring back the locust drone that ran around with a boltok. Why is it outside of escape, there is hardly any use for pistols? Besides Macs bleed and Paduks stun, there is hardly any reason to pick up a meat shield and switch to a pistol. Why can’t we get a class that can dual wield pistols?..I just had an idea. Next DLC Char, John Wick. Class: Baba Yaga :stuck_out_tongue:


I dislike Snub. Seriously,…
That’s why, the possibility to buy Boltok would be
great, a very good option !

pistols are useless

Since Mac’s bleed covers all pistols, I’m intrigued to see how it’d play out with a talon… But I can’t buy one.

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Can you drop pistols? If yes I suggest asking a Kait to give you her talon. I’m sure she has no need of it. Or convince her to buy a repair tool so you can pick up the pistol.

what game you are playing then ?