Why pick Mechanic over Robotics Expert?

I rather be a mechanic and upgrade my speed repair boost combo with repair cost pweka till i fix stuff like baird, i see robotic expert more of a “helper” with the base for quick fixs between waves including the cards that effect global like sentry’s and the weapons lockers cards that just my thought tho

For a brief period of time, Grace was fun to play, because her grenades could demolish a swarmak in under 5 seconds.

But they fixed that bug, as it was causing too much fun. Now she’s useless as ever!

I might know a trick that still works if it hasn’t been stealth fixed yet.

If it is what I think it is, it still works.

I wouldn’t detail it openly. If anything because it’s currently not spread very far and I don’t see it requiring any fixing. And because I don’t use Striker.

Because new players are lacks of balls that a Mechanic has got…

It is hard to argue with his assesment.