Why pick Mechanic over Robotics Expert?

The damage is good the first 4 waves in frenzy. After that it’s not really worth it.

I’ve bought a few oopsy sentries. Even a forge once lol.

Little tweaks and slugger could be good. Just a damage perk or a bleed card for frags, I’d use the class.

Resistance for Protector, I’d use the class regularly.

The other two… Big changes that will never happen. Lol


lol you think they’re gonna touch promos, cuuuuuuuuute.

Kill stealing wouldnt be an issue if your squad realized the benefit of leaving low health enemies for the Robotics Expert. More often than not I’m having my kills stolen by someone running up and kicking a DBNO enemy or Boomshotting a juvie.

I would pick Mechanic over Robotics anytime “poison-flushers” mod is on because his buffed out forts can counteract or even nearly nullify it. If only one “more-health” mod is on then I generally prefer to play Robotics though, because I can keep up with the others in terms of kills and I know my forts will stay healthy. If double or triple health (Even Tougher Enemies) is on, then I’d just rather stick with Mechanic again, because it will be hard pressed trying to rack up the kills with only the crit damage and precision bleed. If I can’t get a lot of kills, may as well reap the benefits of stronger forts.

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Have you eve had the opposite? Some games I play with Infiltrator, and I make sure to down a couple drones for Robotics Expert to finish off but they just don’t, lol, going as far as instead executing them instead of going for the Precision Repairs… It’s as if they believe that if they aren’t getting the kills themselves, they don’t deserve the repairs :joy:

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Mechanic is boring to me, useless ultimate, robotic is better as you get an extra damage dealer, then the perks allow me to increase health and damage

I rarely ever need to repair as i just kill enemies with marzka or sniper, only taps need repair

In certain maps i pretty much am the best player as i keep making barriers so the enemies take forever to move through them, i then make turrets which prevent enemies from spawning in that area, so they are forced more and more into a tiny spawn spot, i sometimes have around 30 barriers built typically lvl 1 sometimes lvl 2 and then ill put a lvl 3 or 4 in the middle so they get burned while going through the barrier mine field

I position the turrets so that they only shoot when the enemy moves through the barrier as this gives me free damage and doesnt waste ammo and with the 35% damage card they use less ammo to kill thus saving energy

By level 35ish the enemy has nowhere to go and taps are protected, the bosses are the only problem and even then the shock turrets stuns them from afar so gunners and demos can destroy them

Unfortunately this leads to the game being boring cause there is no challenge lol, and this is on inconceivable

Yeah, the Slugger-frags playstyle seems very one dimensional. I can see me getting bored very quickly.

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I disagree :angry:

I’ve had comparable numbers to Demolitions and other so called “top tier” classes on maps with easy/simple routes (BloodDrive, Exhibit, Gridlock, Canals, etc.) the reason its so good is that they cost very little compared to most classes (your talking like maybe 10k an entire frenzy) and although they do fall off on later waves (so 40-50 or 9-12) they can absolutely clear tons of waves by themselves.

I’m familiar with you and you are mainly an Escape player so of course Slugger doesn’t seem very good in your eyes, but in Horde I would put them top 10 for sures. They got like 3 great cards (heavy capacity, grenade capacity, grenade damage) and their Ultimate is also really useful to pretend that Slugger is bad for Horde is just not accurate. I would rather have a Slugger over a Brawler or a Nomad for example, Slugger too strong :muscle:

Edit: its worth noting that my Slugger is maxed, so if you have lower cards then it won’t be as powerful.

That’s why you gotta be aggressive, my friend!

Lol I know the pain.

Don’t forget Experimental Weapons which does much more damage to weakened enemies. Pretty great when combined with the perk and bleed, and the best choice out of all three for pure kill repairing.

Crazy map control with Robotics Expert is awesome. Fun to expand with IMO.

I’ve seen good Sluggers in action, such as my friend @Siul_S249. While I’m not sure I would put them in top 10, you are otherwise correct that they can be very powerful. They aren’t too strong yet, they have yet to get a much needed promo buff! (One can dream…)


(What is wrong with Brawler and Nomad for Horde?)

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If I recall, this card also gives an undisclosed active boost to DB weapons, so even if enemies aren’t below 50% health yet, it helps.


Oh right, I keep forgetting about that. Handy stuff.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. Slugger is the top promo in horde, but the class still belongs at the bottom of the barrel with its fellow promos I think.

The do damage sure, but you’re constantly buying frags, wasting a lot of time running back and forth to the fab, and the playstyle gets old very quickly. Not to mention without bleed, the class is somewhat held back.

In terms of ballistics, being a trishot warrior is very boring as well. If slugger received a damage boost with heavy weapons then I would be more open, but Clay has heavy capacity as well and does it much better.

Sluggers ult is arguably the best part about the class I think. Being able to stun lock (I believe) any boss for about 20 seconds is very good.

All in all though, I just don’t believe the class holds up all that well compared to all of the other classes in the game.

Idk about that. The precision bleed is such a joke that I don’t even use it anymore. Imagos die too quickly and everything else barely takes damage from it.

I mean, you aren’t wrong. But there HAVE been plenty of instances where where it was enough to push the enemy health bar to under 50% without having to fire another shot, saving time and allowing me to take advantage of the significantly better Experimental Weapons card much faster.

But no, I wouldn’t say the underwhelming bleed is necessary. Just saying that it can still help if one chooses to use it.

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I’ll take things that’ll never happen for 500$.

I’m actually making pretty decent progress. Architect is almost done, protector is mid 18, slugger is finished, and striker… Damn…

I could help you there but you’re never online and have the endurance of a 90 year old running an Ironman.

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I can’t help I’m never online ya dickead! Being broccoli is a busy way to live life!

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With a Longshot active reload on later waves in Inconceivable (haven’t tested master) there are still plenty of enemies you can one shot. Or just keep Embar and use the card for significantly higher dmg vs 50% or lower HP enemies on tankier targets. Never had a problem full repairing an entire barrier setup (including the vital counter-sniping ones) with Baird. The mech gives up valuable slots by taking the stim on repair or extra damage cards.

If the forts are significantly tankier, then repairs both cost wise and speed are insane. You can just replace but it isn’t that simple when your entire base is still around 25% health before a boss wave, you can’t just force rebuild in time and you’re ■■■■■■ no?

I still have PTSD from playing matches with Theebluejay when he was levelling slugger. Nexus and Blood drive in particular, my eye sight still hasn’t returned to normal and I have a constant ringing in my ears :grinning:

I still refuse to do Promo’s. Can’t be bothered to waste my time on a class they have stated they can’t be bothered with just for a skin.