Why pick Mechanic over Robotics Expert?

The most obvious difference to new players is gonna be the ultimate. The Robotics Expert ultimate draws crazy aggro and (with bleed card) can solo a boss or two under conditions. This is inherently valuable due to the average Horde player not being great; you need some damage and presence in boss waves/overruns. The ultimate–and class as a whole (in comparison) from the Mechanic doesn’t cut it.

Onto repairs. The Mechanic has better repair-costs, but dramatically slower repairs. Robotics Expert is much faster, and can globally repair all Fortifications (of which you’re gonna likely end up with way more Lv2 barriers than a Mechanic can keep fixed) on kills.

I just don’t see why you’d ever pick Mechanic in a random match or custom. He can put out more earlier barriers quicker and they can resist more damage but that’s it

Because there’s an Achievement for getting Mechanic to Level 15

Jk I’m just being cheeky, sorry.

You can put on fortification health and damage resistance for a really T H I C C decoy.

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The barriers also get REALLY tough even at level 1 then. Tradeoff, takes ages to fix when a Matriarch or Swarmak runs them over.


It’s good to have a jack as mechanic. Or a combat medic with team repair. The other 3 classes better have good dps though.

As already stated, because of costs and fortification health + resistance. In case someone new to the game reads this… Del = Mechanic; Baird = Robotics Expert.

Back in Operation 4 whenever I played as Baird if I heard a Boomshot I knew that if it hit, it would destroy a locker. Even if it was level 4. Right now with Del thanks to the 30% dmg resistance and 125% extra health I know they can take some hits. Of course nthe base is still obliterated by a Matriarch lol but otherwise everything is more durable and resistant.

Also no idea on how Mechanics usually repair but in my experience I can either not repair at all for a long while (again, thanks to 30% resistance and 125%extra health) or repair mid fight thanks to the fact I am constantly getting Stim. I can literally go to any place and keep repairing without fearing getting Downed (except for a Boomshot, a Salvo… Stuff like that) meanwhile when I used Baird I had to pick targets for repairs… Hard to do when playing with randoms because they usually kill everything. And if I tried to use the Torque Bow there was a chance for me to get hit and downed. Again, this doesn’t happen with Mechanic as I am always repairing for the unlimited Stim.

Also the cheaper fortifications… I play 95% of the time with randoms only (I am a random on their games!) so if there are like 2 or 3 people who are perking since wave 1 (or something annoying like that), I can still get stuff built. Unlike Baird that, in my experience, required more that people deposit in the start to get the base built.

Finally, this it not confirmed or anything, but I can feel as if the Power Tabs get the extra health and damage resistance or something. Can feel as if leeches take way more time getting them destroyed than when I played as Baird.


I usually pick Kat.


Generally, its because of more efficient fortifications, as you’ve pointed out. Barriers and Decoys can last nearly forever even at level 1, and are cheap to repair. You could use Precision Repairs instead, which is a good power and time saver, although it does require your team to recognise that, which isn’t always the case especially in random lobbies.

The Mechanic also has a permanent 60% damage increase on DeeBee weapons, and you can deal out a lot of damage with the Overkill and Embar. The Mechanic also has survivability in it’s Legendary stim card, which heals you as well if you don’t have full health. That has saved me from going down numerous times, and probably will continue to do so.

Its a matter of taste, both of them do a similar job, one is more efficient and focused on strong fortification set-ups, a more traditional engineer from Gears 4, and the other is a Sniper/Engineer hybrid that focuses more on damage. Either way is pretty good.

Best Engineer class in the game.



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At high levels, the mechanic, with stim, can simply stay alive longer. The robotics expert healing everything with a headshot is nice, but you’re not going to get many of those when there are stronger classes in your lobby.

If you have a reasonably full or communicative squad, you can get them to leave the last guy DBNO, so you can go over and headshot him and get a repair, but full/communicative squads are about as common as hens teeth.

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It doesn’t actually have to specifically be a headshot, just any kind of kill with a precision weapon. So, bodyshots count, and the Embar ignores Execution Rules allowing it to easily clean up downs when other weapons can’t. Heck, just sniping a Leech or Tracker will do the trick.

Combined with Experimental Weapons and the critical damage perk, finishing off weakened targets isn’t that bad. Just gotta learn the art of the killsteal lol.


She’s actually not that bad. The Extension-card for the hologram is hilariously broken, at least for the moment. Even Sentry-damage extends her Ult so you can just use the ult and put the hologram in front of sentries and watch the enemies get torn apart. Quite satisfying.

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An ok ult doesn’t make a good class. That’s all I have to say lol

It’s at least not the worst in Horde. When your ult gets a couple of Scions or other big enemies hooked on it throughout a wave it’s definitely worth its price. It sure was when I leveled the promos on Jingle Juvies for the Scion wave(s)… and I didn’t play them again afterwards.

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I prefer RE/Baird but will play Mechanic if for no other reason than to change it up. As mentioned, the flat damage boost to DB weapons can be useful and their cards result in cheaper, more resilient fortifications. I’ll play Mechanic if I’m looking for a more classic-feeling Engineer experience.

It’s easier for me to get in the zone with base building when I don’t have to worry about landing headshots for Precision Repairs.

I do kind of wish they’d replace the Mechanic’s Repair Cost perk with ammo regen or capacity. Once you’re rolling in energy the Repait Speed is useful but Del/Mechanics already have repair efficiency.

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Jokes aside I wish they’d fill out the Architect class with existing perks and maybe a couple new ones. Wouldn’t be that difficult. I’m happy TC have given priority to the other classes but the Promos are trash.


Once I’ve gotten my promos leveled, you won’t catch me using them unless they get some buffs. They just aren’t good

@Thee_Bluejay might beg to differ on slugger.

I’ve used slugger before. It was fun yeeting frags around like a monkey throwing it’s ■■■■, but the fun runs out

If I remember correctly, I actually attempted an all slugger game with @Thee_Bluejay and some others, though I could be mistaken lol


I agree it would probably get old. Was surprised at the damage though.

That many trips to the fab and I’d accidentally buy something expensive.

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