Why people are leaving in the beginning of the game in Horde?

I think I’ve got nothing to say here. The question is in the title

A map they don’t like?

The classes people have picked?

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Just to name a few: Terrible map rotation, class composition (you need a scout and engineer for higher difficulties and usually the second sniper leaves) and my favorite: re-up 0 or 1 playing engineer on inconceivable.

Did I mention Map Rotation? as in get the same map 3 times in a row? (20+ minutes wasted). It is fine when you have 5 maps but not when you have 34.


I was just trying to get gilded JD and some like level 27 guy was playing as the engineer but he wasn’t actually engineering so i left

Not all of the maps are even in the rotation at all times. Maps like Speyer, Old Town. They literally never appear. TC removed maps after they introduced a system which has maps in them that they think are good for Horde… which just makes the selection smaller. But apparently, Fallout is a good Horde map while Speyer or Old Town are not when I find them to be workable and much, much less boring than the snorefest that is Fallout.

I liked Speyer.

The reason why I get out at the start (before start).
1 ・ When lack of ability was in the team (mainly without re-up)
2 ・ When there are multiple same classes (mainly engineer scout)
3 · Enemy appearance position is strange map = likely to be annihilated (blood drive)
4 · If there was a player who missed before

Personally, even if there are low level players, I still give them a chance. The consecutive wave bonuses are the same as with a decent team.

If no mics (and depending on the cards), the only redundant class that I view as an issue is the engineer. The others more easily compliment someone of the same class; whereas, the engineers can turn a match into a cluster-f, while butting heads over the base.

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It is true that some maps are entirely removed from public horde, who knows what they were thinking when they did that, yet the main issue is the small selection of maps part of each rotation.

Try searching for public horde in any given week (actually the rotation takes place after 2-3 weeks) and I would be surprised if you find 10 different maps after searching 30 times. Its usually 3-4 that you see A LOT and a few that come and go with a low RNG.

Lower levels don’t bother me. It’s lower levels who don’t know what they’re doing and don’t give a crap about playing as a team that bother me. I’ll give them a chance. If they clearly know what they’re doing and are being a team player but just don’t have the cards then thats totally fine with me. In fact I sometimes enjoy the challenge.

The following reasons:
1 - Take a “scoot” but do not pick up and do not drop the energy
2 - Move the fabricator
3 - Previous players who do not have the required level; “Low” or unsuitable level cards, and the player’s level of play
4 - Players who do not take the role of classes for what it should be; Purchases in weapons and fortifications of other classes than the engineer, while a rack is behind; Other classes that pick up energy instead of “scout”
5 - Players who do not know the “speed run” or the “glitch” of the rocket launcher by committing suicide before the start of the horde for extra cash
6 - The map

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1 > That does not mean anything. I do not care. But this already gives an idea of ​​the level of the player but that does not mean that he does not have the required cards

2 > There is a ribbon for that, it’s a challenge. Sometimes 1 or 3 times the same class can configure a “speed run” or consider a high score. Depending on the doubled classes chosen, and their configurations, it can lead to failure or success.

Does there actually need to be a skill based matchmaking system for horde or something? I always thought people just left right at the beginning because they don’t like the map which would warrant a map voting system. But it seems to be a bit more complicated than that lol

I wonder how much time people waste in lobby’s because they don’t like something instead of actually playing the game.

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So you know every possible best spot for a base?

I do this because some times I need an extra boomshot or I need an extra dropshot and there just isn’t one. I’m putting enough DPS down range that I can empty both weapons in a wave on certain lay outs and configurations.

Yea your talking about the boomshot glitch. That’s dumb. I used to do it but don’t anymore. It actually makes your heavy more susceptible to damage later on. You’ll notice your heavy downs or dies easier after doing this. The extra cash really isn’t that important.

I mentioned these reasons, it does not mean that I leave the sessions because one of these offenses was committed. In general I do not leave, the others do it before for precisely these reasons.

I know that. And I gave you reasons disputing what you said.

It’s sad that most people ruin other people’s experience by having the play their way. I for myself have almost stopping playing horde because I can’t ever seem to get a full run with randoms.

People want a sentry fest and not have to work. Even on lower difficulty levels. I’m also not against sentries but i use them to cover my ■■■ not as a main line offense. That’s what the rifle is for that’s in your hand.

One word. Escape

This is basically why I don’t play horde. 99% matchmaking, 1% gameplay.


The job of Shock Sentry isn’t to cover your 6 o’clock.

It’s to slow down and stun enemies.

But unfortunately they are quite powerful at Level 3 and 4.