Why Paduk can use fear on DeeBees? (they are robots, they are fearless)

Trying to get an answer to that. Now that Terminator “lives” here on Gears 5, I was wondering if in any of the movies Terminator had fear of something (I only watched Terminator 2 and Genisys).

Also, trying to get some answers lore-wise, maybe Baird updated “fear protocol” after saw what happened to Jinn-bot when the pouncer hit her on Gears 4. He knew that sooner or later his DBs could be hacked and he put this protocol without Jinn’s authorization. And the only person outside the COG that he can trust is Paduk.

(If the answer of my question is in the books, please don’t spoil it. I ordered Ascendance many months ago and my order got lost in the caos of COVID).


The DEEBEES are programmed to be able to smell and Paduk doesn’t shower.


Dirty Gorasnayan!


Mate I wouldn’t throw any shade, I can smell you from Loxton.




It happened once on the TV series.

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When it comes to the specifics of the Hero/Class system and special abilities, I wouldn’t associate it with canon or realism. I mean, Lizzie pulls a Silverback out of nowhere; other characters pull similar things out of nowhere (Baird, Del) while Clayton reflects bullets; and Keegan carries tons of extra ammo which he can only arbitrarily access when his ultimate ability is ready. It’s just a gameplay mechanic. :smiley:


The robots started becoming human when Rey (na) awoke the force and as a consequence they can bleed and fear, have baby trackers and grow up into db’s.
That’s why if you use the repair tool on them long enough in hord then they turn into an another AI and start helping you.


Pretend he triggers the retreating/self preservation program in the machines by shouting at them.

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Just look at Old Man Paduk! He is so ugly that even the robots fear from this… this… creature!
#NotMyPaduk #MajorPadukIsTheOnlyPaduk #MakePadukGreatAgain


Oh you.


Why can characters use bleed on robots? They are bloodless.


Maybe Baird invented some technology like Capsule Corp? Or Pokeballs? (now why Silverback explode, I don’t have a answer for that).

I don’t mind abilities that are non canon, but the answers that I got for this question are priceless :smile:

No no no they don’t pull it out of nowhere. They pull all those out of nature’s pocket otherwise known as the prison pocket. It’s very useful for storing mechsuits with guns on it I hear :flushed:

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Paduk is a cheeky-breeki, and the robots know if they ■■■■ with him they might be subject to the brain scorcher

They leak oil, I guess.

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They know to be afraid.

Why does the chainsaw have infinite fuel? Why don’t the cog just use jack bots to cloak and plant venom bombs in all the hives instead of using Hivebusters? It’s a game bro! Just go with it, it’ll save you the headache of trying to understand this Kentucky cluster f- of a game.

Or Baird miniaturized fabricator tech for characters to carry around with because he decided the oversized box acting as a 3D printer was a little too much.

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Reminds me of a quote from Peep Show (British sit-com from the early 00’s):

“Why do you insist on seeing the anus as some sort of human USB port, just waiting to have all kinds of hardware plugged into it?”