Why only the gnasher for 2vs2...Other options?

If you could pick 3 other weapons to build a 2vs2 match what would want to use?(You would only get one of the 3 weapons at a time in each match.)
Match one:???(Choice 1)
Match two:???(Choice 2)
Match three:???(Choice 3)
This is like 2vs2 gnasher but with 3 different guns…one weapon at a time…
Each side would have the same weapons…

I know these questions seems pointless now but i’m looking for something to discuss other then mostly near endless depressing complaints that are quickly filling this forum,and yes a few of them are mine to,so there now you don’t have to waste time reminding me…now on with the show…

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Match 1; Boltok (Headshots Only)
Match 2: Gnashers
Match 3: Sniper (Headshot Only)


Match 1: Lancers
Match 2: Enforcers
Match 3: Retro


Match 1: Embar
Match 2: DropShot
Match 3: Markza


You can also have a special playlist mode where you start off with 1 bullet per gun.

For every successful hit, you get x2 bullets.

If you miss, you lose a bullet.

Minimum is one bullet which means if you shoot and miss - you have to reload.

If you shoot and hit - you get +2 ammo.

Carry on hitting shots and you build up your clip size.

Keep missing your shots and your stuck with a one shot reload.


Shock Tactics 2v2

Match 1: Embars (headshot, no melee)
Match 2: Shock nades only, unlimited though.
Match 3: Retro with lightening skin (im over reaching, I know :wink: ) can only get kills from CHARGing. Did you see what I did there :wink:


I actually like the idea as an alternate way for 2v2 to be played. 2v2 is Gnasher only because its a competitive mode and Gnasher battles are what they were going for but this variation for a public match or private matches would be a lot of fun.

You could even choose the weapons as eliminations like they do maps for Gears esports. One team eliminates then the other until you’re left with the 3 weapons that will be used. Could be a lot of fun.

Could do Wingman (2v2v2v2v2) - but easier pair get a different Weapon.

First to 10-25 kills?

Or those that die a certain amount of times get eliminated until only 1 paid remain.

Now imagine this as a BR Style with 100 Players (50 teams) - each pair is assigned a particular weapon.


would love to see Wingman return in some form and as far as BR goes, I’m not touching that hot topic. lol :slight_smile:

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Aha, I would love to see Wingman Return as currently 2v2 is limited to 2 small maps.

Wingman could in theory work on all maps plus more players.

And BR would be amazing in Gears - both in Solo, 2 or 3 Team Varients.

Especially with a huge map. Perhaps several maps stitched together.

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I really hope Gears doesn’t jump on the BR bandwagon. It doesn’t fit Gears at all

And 2vs2 gnasher does.I don’t see why any of the weapons can’t be a vs challenge option…just look at arm race it’s just a bigger version of my idea…

I dont think 2v2 fits gears either they should have just brought back wingman

In what way?

It would just be a expanded TDM in reality which w nice huge map to explore.

As I said, could be either solo, 2 or 3 man squads.

Maybe 4-5 different areas and locations that you can go through.

Would be fun I think for sure.

The whole scavenging and shrinking maps BR games are known for. I personally don’t think it fits well with Gears. But thats just my opinion. The only thing I would have to say is it probably would bring in a lot more people who won’t normally play Gears

I don’t think you can rule it out until you have tried it.

I agree - I don’t like the scavenging aspect.

However - Gears could have its own twist and drop a bit of a Horde element into.

A Brumak appears and starts attacking everyone for example.

As you said, would bring a lot of players that the game needs for sure and it would be quite unique.

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Oh I’ll definitely try it like I’ve tried most BR games, but if its the typical BR mode than I probably won’t play it for long. It has to be real different. Thats actually a cool idea with the Brumak.

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