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Why not Onyx Guard Keegan instead?

Why not make the Onyx Guard a skin of Keegan instead of Cog Gear? I mean, everyone is complaining that the Onyx Guard should have been his own character with his own voice, but as we know TC is lazy and wants a shortcut so as not to have to worry about extra voices. Well, if they’re going to take that route, wouldn’t it have been better as a Keegan skin since it’s in the lore that Keegan was an Onyx Guard anyway? Then, it would make sense to use the same voice and everything and I don’t think there would be as much complaint either. Plus, Keegan is a popular character now and only has one alternate skin right. An Onyx Guard Keegan would’ve rocked. I’d buy that over an Onyx Guard Private Vermelo anyday. What do you think?


Its only a matter of time, it will come dont worry

But they kind of missed the boat tying it to Vermelo/Casan already. The Onyx guard has a distinctive look because of its helm and armor. You’ve already used that up on COG gear you can’t just copy/paste that and use it for Keegan now. A Keegan variant would need to differentiate looks- wise. The best way to do it at this point would maybe be a helmetless variant for keegan. Maybe using his Quartermaster head as he was younger.

Keegan is the only character recently added…that actually feels like he should be in the game.


and Lizzie…until she laughs. Oxny Guard with a Keegan head and voice will appear at some point…easy model swap for TC no doubt.


They’ll probably mess that up aswell :thinking:

In the store next week for 2000 iron.

Is this really a thread? You do have onyx guard Keegan, it’s the onyx guard. Pretend he’s whoever you want because onyx guard has on a helmet. I’d much prefer TC to FIX THE GAME!

Onyx Guard for the win! :sunglasses:

I don’t like any of the hivebusters but this is a good idea and might actually make me warm to keegan as a character.

At first i thought you wanted to see his onyx guard variant because a lot of his back story is the guilt he feels for loads of gears fighting and dying while he as a young onyx guard was stationed on azura in safety until the events of gears 3.

Completely of topic i know but i when they get round to releasing Oscar, i hope they add a young cog variant of him.

And messed up reyna/reyna in myrahh outfit.

What exactly is wrong with Lizzie’s laugh? It actually fits her unlike the diabolical(ly) annoying laugh of the Casan variants for the COG Gear/Onyx Guard. Which is literally just that, annoying.

Just find it abit off putting…no big deal

Not necessarily. They could easily create an armour skin for Keegan, one which is helmetless (to emphasise it is a named unique character by showing their face).

Also if TC were to follow lore, given Keegan was with the original Onyx Guards from 25 years ago, then they could recreate the original Onyx Guard armour for him.

I don’t think what they’ve done with the COG Gear necessarily locks out any possibilities for an Onyx Guard Keegan variant. I mean, TC have created Hivebuster armour for Marcus and Baird; and also Winter Armour for Marcus (even though he doesn’t appear wearing it in the campaign). I think the “locking” thing refers to the Horde-Escape Hero set-up; and voice lines. If TC think it’s a good idea and have the inclination to create one, then they will.

Would be good for continuity purposes

I’m just thinking of something that would work for the onyx guard that would be a compromise and that would’ve made everyone happy. TC would be happy because they don’t need to worry about any extra voice work or creating a new character. Fans are happy because even though the Onyx guard is still only a skin it fits the lore. It’s a win win. The current solution still doesn’t quite sit right with me. It feels shoehorned in just because people wanted Onyx guards. I still don’t see Casan/ Vermelo as Onyx guards. To me, they’re always rookies.

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