Why not have all Gears 5 maps in rotation? (the 5 Gears 4 maps in private)

we have 5 Gears 4 maps just in private matches why can’t we have them in Multiplayer? it would give more Variety


Because they are not thinking whatsoever.


Yeah, playing the same maps over and over is quickly getting stale.


Because they want to keep new maps in the rotation as per Ryan.

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Because having as many maps as possible in Ranked just makes too much sense.


Never said I liked it lol. Just what was stated if people actually want an answer

fr hahahha

Oh no,

I got that,

I was just commenting overall :sweat_smile:

What Ryan says - goes!

It’s practically law!

(Still hate the Omen)

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That omen I cannot stand

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I thought I would hate the Omen when I first saw it, but surprising hasn’t been a big deal for me when playing.


While its not a problem for me, I still prefer the classic one, they are slooowly but surely ripping what made Gears, Gears from this franchise, especially the sense of “brotherhood” GoW1-3 had, even Judgement had it! (In the story)


Completely agree with OP.

Hate to go against the grain but I actually like the inverse omen.

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The gameplay has changed which understandably some will dislike, but I still think the story feels very Gears. I think it’s impressive that the story of the fifth game is one of the most interesting in the whole series. That’s pretty rare. I think there is still a balance that will satisfy veteran players but more accommodating for newer players. Not quite there yet but given time I think it can go there.

Depending on how much feedback they get about maps (or a lack thereof), I could see them adding all of the imported Gears 4 maps to the rotation, simply because it would be an extremely easy solution - they’ve already done 98% of the work.

This is even worse for Horde. They can just about double the map pool to make it more interesting but if you matchmake you play the same maps over and over. A little variety with the other maps would be better.

I think a rotation of about 10 maps would be solid. But I would also rotate one or two out frequently. Say every two weeks or so.

Why not have all Gears 5 maps in rotation? Answer, because those particular maps are atrocious.