Why not cross platform to help combat the player pool becoming so small

Im sure once gears5 drops things will be great but once a new game comes out and people start dropping out for various other reasons we will be exactly where we are with gears 4, why not provide real dedicated servers and cross platform psn, Macintosh, everything more money would be made from the purchase of the game and even more still from in game micro transactions, since Microsoft owns it then make it only on the player pass on the microsoft network and on any other platform make them buy a copy of the game, i knos this is a long shot since microsoft has their nose in the air about things like this but the fact of the matter is the spread the game gets the more players will be had which is what us players want, and the only thing Microsoft is interested in is making money, with these you satisfy the players and corporate â– â– â–  holes who dont care about the quality of the game.

On the PC side, the game will also sell on Steam, that is a good start. I do feel they need to advertise the fact it’s releasing on Steam a bit better though. I didn’t know it was on Steam after watching all the trailers. It wasn’t until I came to the forums a few days ago and mentioned that it should release on Steam that someone linked me to the early Steam store page for it.

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It’s not as simple as just making it cross platform.

There’s lots of corporate, legal, and licensing blah blah that all gets involved.

Not too mention Sony has a record of refusing to cooperate with Xbox to implement cross-play with just about any game.

This is also one of Xbox’s biggest exclusive that they would be handing over to Sony.

There’s also a lot of latency that gets caught up when you’re cross platform gaming. Not from Xbox to PC but from PlayStation to Xbox uses different servers.

A 343I developer talked about this when the rumor was going around saying Halo would come to PlayStation. He mention how cross play from the two platforms would have so much noticeable latency it’s just not ideal for FPS games. Not unless the entire design was built from the ground up with cross play in mind.

Anyways… What I’m saying is that it’s just way more complicated than it looks and it wouldn’t be in Microsoft’s best interest to lose one of its biggest Exclusives especially since they’re losing in console sales pretty badly.

If Xbox loses for instance Halo and Gears They would lose so much money in console sales it wouldn’t be worth the extra copies brought by PlayStation owners

There is a massive amount of technical work to build Gears for another platform as well. Not to mention giving their competitors an exclusive title is a bad idea lol.