Why not bring back older maps we haven't played in years?

That question isn’t meant as a complaint. I’m genuinely curious as to what the reasoning is? I assume it’s development costs? But there are soooo many great maps that we have only had in one game (think back to the dark corners DLC of GoW2 alone!) but instead we get maps we played in Gears 4. I’m itching for something new!


Probably cos they want maps that will suit the flow of some of the newer PVP Versus modes like Escalation, or PVP generally as it is in the modern era.

Gears 5 map development is over, so we’ll need to wait until the next Gears game to get new maps.

The easy answer, though, is porting within Unreal Engine 4. Older maps created in UE3 would need to be rebuilt from the ground up to fit within the new TC games, effectively making them new maps rather than ports, in terms of work.

Mmmm ok. That makes sense. I don’t really know the dev side of things. They brought security back for GoW4 though, did they have to rebuild that one?

Yeah, as I understand it all returning maps in GOW4 were rebuilt from the ground up.


I can’t determine why they picked what they picked for Gears 4, but Gears 5 was likely just whatever was the lowest effort, to pad their numbers. TC thought that their tile system used for Escape would double as a map builder for PvP/PvE, but that wasn’t the case. People didn’t like the tile maps. So they stopped making Escape tiles and tried to squeak out more traditional maps before development ended.

I’m hoping Gears 6 picks other maps to remake besides Gridlock, Blood Drive, Canals and Clocktower. Give me Azura, or Aftermath, or, hell, even Sandbar.


I quite liked overpass from GOW3


The game flow is an important point. Jacinto in GoW3 was made for GoW2 elimination games and just wasn’t as good in respawn game types with multiple routes out of spawn. Same for Security in GoW4. One of my all time favorite maps because it was incredible in GoW2 but in 4 it felt wayyyyyy too small and didn’t work with multiple spawn points and strong rifles.

Oh now there is an unpopular opinion!

But I agree. It was great for my beloved Hammerburst.

As far as developers go they have met their obligation to this game and don’t need to upload any more contents not to mention they are probably deep in development with cure six so I would be surprised if we get anything at all until then

Its true maps are done for Gears 5 alright, but if we look Gears 6 here is what i want…

10 brand new maps at release and if you want to have a returning one fine, but 10 new ones

If you bring back older maps, bring back stuff we have not seen in a while. Azura and Anvil were awesome… Bring back Ruins/Hail, bring back those other DLC maps from Gears 2 or 3. I don’t want to see Recclaim again and im SICK TO MY STOMACH of seeing Gridlock and Blood Drive, no matter how “classic” they are.

I don’t know if other games do this, but the level of map reharshal in Gears is way too high IMO. There was maps coming back from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3 etc, but never to the point of 4 and 5.

Having the option to choose between night, day or evening time on maps would be nice. Even being able to vote the weather. Gridlock with snow at night would be Epic.

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