Why not being able to pick a server is a problem

Ok so I am from EU at 6am when i woke up decided to go onto gears 4 after like 5 months and it took me 30mins to find a game and it put me into i think south american server as i had 250 ping? Normally before you could pick what server you want 2 play on. Like the idea is good in a way but at the same time do it like other games example rocket league where you can pick the servers you want 2 play n more then 1 server. Like for me when i use 2 play american servers for me are 90 ping so i dont mind playing on them so if i cant find a game in Europe i changed to search NA… but expecting me 2 play on 250 ping is just a joke? espically when every other player in that game had under 50 ping?


Yeah, can’t get games at all on certain playlists in UK. I have actually tried to sit in front of an Execution matchmaking screen for an hour before I stopped wasting my life. I can deal with ping if I’m playing. I just want to play.
Too many splits have made the population is this game too thin in certain areas

“Being able to choose would make too much sense, sorry.” ~ TC

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In any way, 6am searching for unpopulated Ranked in EU is a no-go.
If you region jump, you bring your massive lag with you making the entire lobby wonky as lag compensator overworks. Even that 250ms on S.American server is way too much for any play. You can’t really complain on having no normal matches in 6am while expecting to bring all unnormalness elsewhere. Ping for joining any lobby should be around 100 not 250 if you really mean to play not to teleport.

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Forget which but the closer American server to the UK was giving me about 80 ping, which is probably the same for many in America anyway so more than playable, it’s the west coast one that makes playing taxing.

There is no reason why at any time of day playable games can’t be found. Matchmaking needs work and playlists need uniting.

How does server selection works again? Have t played Gears like in 5-6 months. Doesn’t it put you on the server which closest to your ping or the lowest ping?

It seems to matchmake locally within closest region, then expands to find more players even if different regions over time passed by, at least that’s what I’ve summarised.
But I don’t understand how it chooses the host the game in another region or server, so other players have lower ping than OP.

You are lucky man for wait 30 minutes and play in sudamerica. I’m from EU and wait for 1 hour in dodgeball or guardian and never find game. This is terrible. I dont have a problem for play with EEUU servers or mexican servers, so my matchmaking never find game.
I dont know if not move to other servers or i are the unlucky man in the world.

It is terrible seeing people begging to play with own 200+ ping no matter what… Ranked! What’s wrong with voting dodgeb. or guardian there on quicksocial in probably less than 1h??

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Server selection was removed because people were complaining about region hopping for an advantage (which was a thing).

However, it might be worth considering for servers with really low population.

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I really didn’t see the problem with being able to select a server. It seems to just help people in unpopulated areas. I am from NA-East, so I’m good either way, but I want the game to be playable for everyone.

Fortnite has server selection, so why can’t this game?

If i dont like play social game??

You’re talking nonsense . Before the region lock, I would sometimes play on the East US server and people from the US had higher pings than me and I’m from the UK.

Have you ever considered that not everyone can play at the so called peak times… even then, its impossible to find matches it certain game modes because there is no player base in them, either that or its broken.

Region lock hasn’t helped anyone or the game. It should be put back the way it was before.

Personally I think the region lock is great. I’ve found matches to be a lot fairer.

They need to just make a change so that if you don’t find a game within 5 minutes, it looks for a game on the next closest server and so on.

That way people can’t abuse it and people who need it can find games. Simple + it keeps everybody happy

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In my opinion this is a just solution.

I can’t find one single game. I have tried for an entire DAY now. Not ONE game.