Why No Social Media Feed On the Forums?

I understand why TC doesn’t post here first.

Twitter, Reddit, Mixer/Twitch, etc. are all going to reach a much broader audience to communicate with their fanbase than posting something on this forum and hoping word gets out…But why is there no integration to these platforms here?

Just a little ticker/window/feed (whatever it is you would call it) that shows the most recent posts from the Gears of War twitter that you can just scroll through would go a long way. And I know they have this functionality since I used the twitter feed on their stream page for esport skins in GoW4.

Side note: I just noticed they don’t even post the What’s Up on this website anymore (October 7th is the most recent) you need to go to the Gears 5 website for their official postings.


I’m surprised they even kept the forums at this point.


We gotta keep the forums alive Tony

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they probably like using the gears 5 site more because you can’t post comments over there

I always hated how the forums are mostly ignored by TC. Here are their most passionate fans, engaging in lengthy discussions about the game, and they can’t be bothered to get involved.

I can’t say they’re unique in this regard though. Game devs generally don’t get involved with the fans and those that do are rare. Just seems like a huge missed opportunity for TC. They thought they didn’t need our feedback, and ironically, ignoring fan feedback might be their undoing.