Why no automatic reset for daily objectives?

I can’t be the only person here that finds it dumb that if you find annoyance on certain tedious objectives to do that if you decide to wait until the next day the objectives will not go away…EVER until you do them or waste re-rolls on them.

Will TC ever change this at some point before they fully end support for Gears 5? Cause honestly sometimes I just don’t feel like playing these objectives but I get really annoyed every time I see them still there even after multiple days. Sure most of them are easy to do and not hard but some of are just tedious or a dread to play.


You can re-roll one for 0 iron each day! That’s what I do usually with the Versus ones, until I get an easy to do one.


Most of them are super easy to do in a private horde match on beginner so I don’t mind it so much.

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I know that but rather not waste them like that.

I’m sure the team will get right onto catering to your precise Tour of Duty Daily Objective needs.

And I’m sure the team will prioritize giving you all your demands for forgotten locust skins to suit your personal needs.

Replies like these two are how boy bands start. Quit playing games with each other’s hearts and just ommbop it already. Bye bye bye.


He’s the one that started it.

They damn well should if I officially asked.


Definitely food for thought.

We’d be fantastically terrible :grin::musical_note:

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Blame Game and Catered To You would be chart topping masterpieces. I would listen to them for sure I can almost here the beat now.

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they changed objectives to somewhat generalized and much easier than launch , you have re-enroll but yet still complain, lol

I’m well aware we do have free re-rolls but that’s not my point, is it really that much of an issue to ask for an automatic daily reset like every other franchise does? lmao