Why my ping so high?

Servers have been all over the place tonight. 100ms+ most of the time and sadly, this brings the issues with it that we all know. Occasional rubber banding, point blanks not registering and then getting one shotted and getting hit behind cover.

They’ll have a lot of data to work on from 4 and the test, so I would hope things will improve as I believe TC have mentioned (someone linked it in another thread, can’t find the quote).

Ill try to keep this topic on top, but I need you guys to help it.

Ryan has responded on this issue on Twitter, saying now the servers are stable they can look at this issue and try to fix skill and ping based patchmaking

THXGOD https://twitter.com/nodezero/status/1171218892657586179

So its 10th September
Release date…
I have a Gears of War 2 vibe!

Let me explain:
Feels like enemies have 200% health ( bcoz Gnasher can’t kill them even at low distance )
All clean shots doing nothing
All missed shots killing immediately

And my ping in Poland is ~150,
And I’m still playing with guys with 10,20,25ms, and EVEN 0…

May can you explain this? I also from Europe (Spain) and It doesnt even appear the EU West Server. Also, I always have 180ms when i check XBOX Status. I’m playing on PC. It’s a crossplay thing or its still the servers issue? Ill give you 2 screenshots.

Im in the EU and on ranked i keep getting placed on East US servers where the ping is 100+. Ruins the game for me, very frustrating.
I get 30 ping on EU servers way smoother and less BS.

It’s the servers you are connected to 40 is usually about one time zone over 10 and below is usually best case and server closest to you…be mindful this is from my experience here in the states and I’m not sure for but you can check in your options under matchmaking…but yea I have been having the same problem with high pings 30-40 on average gears 4 my ping would be 5-10 on average so I’m not sure what’s up with that…

The issue is at least acknowledged but I fear how long it will take to fix, I can’t play ranked with these bad ping rates, so I won’t play, others will do the same and before you know it people have moved on.

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I’ve bought the game and I’ve been grinding VS TDM since the beggining. I didnt play a single game with ping less than 120. CAN YOU ATLEAST GIVE US ADDRESSES OF U.S. DATA CENTERS, SO THAT MAYBE WE WILL PUT THEIR ADDRESSES IN OUR HOSTS FILE IN WINDOWS, SO THAT WE DONT CONNECT TO THEM???

Hi there

TC has addressed this on twitter saying this will be a priority issue to look at once the servers are stable and the missing progression has caught up.

Ryan Cleven has stated that the matchmaking system is currently too aggressive in trying to match people quickly rather than factoring in ping.

I don’t see any post on twitter about fixing ping mate

Here are 3 in the past day or so from Ryan Cleven.

ohh … I miss that :slight_smile: but today is 11th TC have a lot work to do

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They definitely do have a lot to do!


Regarding the Xbox Status on Win10; I have the same problem too. I’m in the UK and when test my “Xbox Networking” I always get 140 ping with a moderate NAT type. I have NO IDEA why this is or how to fix it but it doesn’t seem to be linked to my in-game ping since I was having <30 ping in the Gears 5 Tech Test and I get >90 ping in the retail game whilst in ranked mode.

I done a lot of research into this a couple days ago and could not find any explanation for this from Microsoft or anyone else. If anyone has any solid information/context for this I would appreciate it.

Yeah, that’s the point. I wrote to support but nothing happened. Its quite annoying to have this connection issue without a solution. I also had 40/50 ping on the Tech Test on my house, I moved before Gears 5 was released and I thought that was the problem.I just dont know how to fix it and its quite stupid that they dont give us a solution. I know that servers are atm pure sh*t but i saw some screenshots that prove (it doesnt matter if u play xbox or pc ) that they have eu west servers on the matchmaking options even if they dont connect, but i never have such a thing, just connect to eeuu west and south america. Why is that happening to me? I just dont know wtf to do know. I have 100mb connection, open nat, fibre. Im not mad cuz MP atm suck, Im getting really mad cuz the server i should be connected to it doesnt appear. Some1 has the same problem? Any solution? Again, Im playing from PC and I know now if that’s a crossplay issue or something else.

Hope hearing from you soon guys

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The funny thing is that I’m getting put into lobbies with 6-8 EU players with 100+ping and the rest are from the US and are dropping 90 bombs on us cause they have 20 ping :smiley: this so stupid

I’m in the opposite boat.

I’m playing from Vancouver ,BC, Canada

I’m being placed in EU servers.

I ping 15ms to US West

I’m playing on 120 ping EU, and some other are pinging over 300!!

It’s killed the stability of VS, and guaranteed it has affected my gameplay and stats.

It’s been like this since Thursday, and frankly I’ve had enough already.

The netcode seems inferior to GoW 4. But there’s good news to those with low ping (nor that it wasn’t like this before…but since some love saying hight ping is better for playing…Err, no! is not that simple).

Anyway! Gears 5 reminds me of GoW 1 UE netcode: the lowest the ping the more is like hosting. This means that it’s really hard for anyone with higher ping to adapt to the lag and reacting to what you are watching on screen. No updated kills like GoW 3 and 4 even if your read was right!. You have to “think and calculate and react” assuming what’s happening or going to happen on screen, making impossible to play normaly or fair.

How I know this? Well, I stopped playing GoW UE because you just can’t beat the locals. First: most are very good hardcore GoW 1 players and won’t make enough mistakes or will just adapt to shut your gameplay down.
Second: when you see them and shoot they see you closer or in another position, also you actually never shot.

This is the same in GoW 5. Thanks to the kill cam I can see how I shot firstand started my wallbounce but got suddenly killed during the half way animation. In my opponent’s cam I never started the wallbounce or in most cases my shot never started the initial frames animation.

In short, Even you are able to find matches abroad you will need perfect team coordination and skill to beat the locals having that advantage. But once you get across a good team of locals it’s over. You must be extremely good to compensate that situation.


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