Why my ping so high?

In every other game my ping is max30 but in Gears 5 jump to over 100. Can someone explain this? Thanks


same, I have no idea but its a huge problem

It depends on what Region/Server the game decides to put you on.


what I can do to make lower my ping, its so laggy to play with high ping

The better servers or at least better server placement seems to be in arcade.
I can get 40 ping in there, in ranked its over 100 every time

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The funny part is, that you just wait for a few seconds to get into a game and still have to play with a high ping.
Why is it not possible to let someone search longer for a better ping ? xD
TC is really stoned 24/7

I’m located in Europe but it keeps putting me on NA servers. I only had a single quickplay game on European servers, after that all my ranked matches have been on NA. Kind of annoying.


Same issue, I’m from Europe and keep matching up against Americans, they all have like 25-30 ping and there I am with 180+ this game is a disaster.


some people have said that EU servers are not active on Ranked at the moment

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Same issue, I’m from Europe and keep matching up against Americans, they all have like 25-30 ping and there I am with 180+ this game is a disaster.

that so bad

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aint no problem, was going to go for world first master but its been so laggy. Managed to hit diamond 3 though feelsgoodman

pings are 20-30 ms more. This problem exists both in Europe and the USA.Gears 4 matchmaking results Western Europe 49ms Northern Europe 65ms. In-game ping 55-65ms. Gears 5 matchmaking results are the same but in-game 80-90 ms.

Apparently it’s an issue they are tackling, but still, funny you say that’s seeinf as they are really pushing arcade mode

Yet again standard ranked VS is put to the side in a game that has survived because if its dedicated VS fanbase

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Its been a problem since gow 3 i connect everywhere else except west cost…90 percent of the time … And yest still have rank ??? Lolz they shouldnt have rank cause they cant get who u connect to right… Also it doesnt me join the custom lobbys so i matchmake on my own… Its say i dissconnect from server , i think nee one social list for koth only , and take out rank u can get social list perfected …

Same here, im from brazil and look what was supposed to be my ms…

While currently…

Played my first Ranked KOTH match where almost everyone had a high ping and I had the lowest. Still did really terrible because it felt like my shots were not hitting anything. They would instantly kill me tho no problem so it’s most likely like Gears 4 again with High Ping Warriors

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Same here European servers are a mess! I should play on a server with 45 ms and I connect to servers with 150ms. Preorder the game was a mistake once again. So disappointed with Tc they always have a problem that they will fix it by Mondey…

The match making definitely leaves a lot to be desired currently as it still allows people with horrific pings to enter servers that they shouldn’t be anywhere near.

My ping on average on Gears of War 4 was between 10 and 23. In the best server I’ve found so far on Gears 5 I’m sitting at around 36!!! Why? And more to the point how do they allow people with pings of >100 (often >200) into servers where 7 or 8 players are <50.

There is nothing worse than having a high ping player sponge multiple shots and then one shot you the rage it induces is unbelievable and nearly every single server has at least one of these laggy players.

Welcome to the club my friend I’m from Poland too, and I have exactly the same problem, although it’s not just people from Poland because people on forum or twitter from other countries saying about the same PING ISSUE…PING PROBLEM…
Today I change region to the US and hard reset my console and that move helps a lot because my ping drops to 50-60 in ranked matches and 20-30 in arcade when usually jump to over 100

ps. that’s true Gears5 is the best game from the Epic/Coalition series but need to fix asap

It putting me in EU servers when im in NA.

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lets swap LOL