Why my friends are silver 2 and I'm s1 when I almost double their tier pts?

Is the game ranking system is broken?

I average about 8200 score per game at koth and majority of that time I’m MVP. I have 6 MVP in 9 games why I’m s1 ?why? why ? Please someone tell me why.

I have 7260 tier point

Sitting in the hill and capping rings take no skill. You need to get kills

The entire system is broken, yet TC doesn’t seem to give a crap about it…

No matter how much kills you get, you barely rank up.

I’m actually at 9100 average score now with an average of 42 elimination per game and with a k/d of 2.3. I have a friend who kd its lower he’s a master and he second to me on everything except accuracy and caps.

Ive actually rank up to only silver 3 .