Why make a challenge

why make a challenge if you cant get the character?

Good lord, it will be up soon.

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If your talking abkut the ruby scion, they said its still in lroduction and wont be available until end of season 4. I believe the reasoning for this is that the community team suprised the character team or love team to make a character skin for those that cant reach diamond and was like a fairly last minute thing since the diamond character is done.

They’ve said in a livestream a couple times that the Ruby Scion would be available in the next Title Update in a few weeks. They said the Diamond Scion would be available at the end of the season. Did I miss and update they gave about that?

when did they say about the title update? I didnt even catch that, i thought they said on livestream ruby scion still in production?

The website says reward is available mid-August. Didn’t wanna look from the livestream but this should suffice

Slow down there eager Mcbeaver