Why lock ToD content away forever?

As somewhat of a completionist, one of the most frustrating things in Gears 5 is scrolling through character skins and seeing, for example, Scarred JD locked away. I can’t craft it nor earn it anymore because I didn’t earn it in Operation 1. With a lot going on in life, I just didn’t have the time to slay some grubs. There are some really cool skins that I just won’t get, and it’s kind of defeating.

So, why can’t Tours of Duty be completed at the player’s pace? I get some stuff is preferred to be locked under time sensitive conditions, like Hive leaderboard or Ranked tier rewards, but there’s no competitive edge to ToD. Why lock that much content from players who are late to the game, either because they didn’t have the money at the time or were just too busy?

The ToD system should be something like character totems. If a player only got “sergeant” or something, then at any point in Operation 2, they should be able to go to some “Operations” menu next to “Character Totems” and pick up where they left off. Not only would this allow retroactive collection, but it would add to the game’s longevity. I know of several players who got “general” in Operation 2 and have moved on to other games until Operation 3 starts. Giving them something more to work towards would keep them coming back to the game. The enhancement of longevity would only increase as well, with the coming every so often of new Operations.

TC, I know you’re capable of making this happen. Please, give us back previous ToD challenges.


The operations could be equipped like the character totems, because things like" kill counts "and "damage done " look like they will be a basic medal in every operation.
But yea I agree especially when I’m so close to getting “classic Baird” but probably won’t have the time to finish before OP 3 launches.


This game is not for completionists. I was once a completionist. This game killed that. I now just focus on character skins I like and load out weapon skins Ike and screw all the rest.


I definitely see your point, and would certainly appreciate less pressure to complete the ToD on time. However, that’s just how it is. Nearly all ‘season pass’ style games force players to grind for 90 days, or miss out of exclusive content forever.

By locking previous tods away it makes the Tod valuable and pushes players to complete the current Tod because they know if they don’t the stuff is gone.

If I know I can just go back anytime and do the Tod why would anybody bother grinding whatever Tod that Is currently running?

I get your point but you must see mine? If they just start making old Tod unlockables available it just makes the Tod pointless and people won’t take any future tods seriously. The whole point is to make people play the game, you get on and play to get this stuff now or you don’t bother and you don’t get it.

Another alternative is they scrap Tod and just use totems for everything and you can grind for whatever you want anytime. That would cause people to be upset as well no doubt.

Exclusivity is really important to some people (not I). If you’re a person without a lot of time to grind video games, I’d let go of any completionist tendencies.

Yes, absolutely

rewards should be there forever, to obtain at player’s pace

it’s impossible to get all rewards in time

not everyone has all day to grnd for rewards

operations shoul be accumulative, if you don’t complete the operation’s rewards in time, this should stay and when you complete all, you start the next operaton challenges normally

many rewards will be lost forever :frowning:

That’s why I bought Winter Baird. At least he is also the classic Baird and I also like that clothes. :slightly_smiling_face:

As for scarred, bald JD, at least now I have got a Winter JD. :snowman_with_snow:

I understand why some content would be time locked, for example the Terminator Horde Event rewards that were used to market the Terminator Dark Fate movie.

However, I do agree with OP’s sentiment…some items don’t need to be time locked (and I hope some of these items become available further down the line, maybe after Gears 5 is a year old).


It makes it more interesting! I hate when ppl on my team have the same skins. I like having rare ■■■■ that makes my character special.

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I’m not huge on exclusivity I’d be OK if it would go in the store at a later date that way at least I know some people had to pay for the stuff I earned. I won’t feel too bad knowing I saved some money at least.


From a business aspect though, the company has to make money, especially to do continued development and support. Bargain pricing and common items , even if patched from G4, that are cheap to buy or hard to win, would be great, and we could support them without spending lunch money. The way I justify it is, if I go to a movie, I spend 20-$30 each time, and get entertained for around 3 hours. Gears, I can play 20 hours a week, and provides way more entertainment, so I see the value in buying things from time to time, but I’m super picky. I just like the Neon lighting ones. lol

All Tour content will probably be craftable later on, near the end of the game’s lifecycle. (Since the skins/content keeps displaying)

Just work on the medals for unlocks you actually want. TC said old items will come back for sale at some point.