Why isn't there HARDCORE 25 public horde?

What’s the excuse? Divide player base?

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Let’s see if you get an answer.

I’ve wondered this too, but with my leveled up cards and xp needed to level up at this point I’d rather have a 25 inconceivable


And that too.

The thing is, there’s no middle ground between insane and normal.

Rookies say normal is way too easy (although I don’t believe that, if they pass waves 16/30). So they jump to the higher difficult…

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Good question.
Waiting for someone from TC to chime in.

I think the reason is that Hardcore was always supposed to be a 50 wave. You look at Insane after wave 30 its one shot down so too avoid some players from getting frustratred they kept it at 25 so it still provided a challenge.

Yeah that’s a good point. I know when I was a rookie to the mode and was starting to level up my classes (had 3ish cards) I would have appreciated a hardcore 25 varient.

Although, there will always be those diamond versus bros who think playing anything below insane (or whatever highest available difficulty there is) is beneath them and thier superhuman movement.

If I had to guess I’d say TC would say something about splitting the player base.

I read on the old foruns that most horde players just go through 20 waves on average. They don’t commit to 50 because it’s too lengthy.

Hence comes the 25 variant. Which is as hard as the 50, but sooner: every 5 waves on the first is the same on every 10 on the second. So, after 16 you get downed by one shot.

The point is, why not allow ALL difficulties on 25? As they are on 50.


Good question, I too would like to know.

I get the impression that you haven’t actually played any of the 25 wave variants.

The mutators increase on Wave 5, 10, 15, 20, rather than Wave 10, 20, 30, 40.

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