Why isnt king of the hill 4 v 4?

Also why can you play with 3+ mans on king yet other modes getin butcherd?


They’re trying to force people to play grid iron and king of the hill. It’s pretty clear! Why else would they make those decisions.

I would rather have execution back then a butchered version of TDM.


Because this isn’t Xbox 360 days anymore.

Theres been a couple times I’ve been in a KOTH match and 1 person from each team leaves and I swear those sweaty 4v4 matches were much more fun in my opinion. But maybe now that the game is slowing down a bit 5v5 will play better.


TDM is a camper game mode, and is where the most complaints have had over time in this game mode whole teams fight x a weapon and then they don’t leave a place

Trash unbalanced game
3 diamonds an 2 onyx 3s facin a mixed stack of trash gold n bottom of the barrel onyx 1s


It should be. 4v4 >5v5.

And those “trash gold and bottom of the barrel onyx 1’s” did better than you. Lol.

But I agree, matchmaking is terrible, which is why I barely touch KOTH now.

My statistics could argue TDM is not a camp
Mode. My matches are like 12-14 min games… also have like 80%-85% gnasher kills only on that mode so it’s all on the user.

I’d say king is stupid campy & a lancer feast…

@Incite_Them can’t really tell if they did better than him because maybe he had real kills. That’s the problem with the ranking system. Everyone gets to “feel good” & those that kill don’t get rewarded more than a person lancering, only for a few bullets to hit.


You say TDM is camping but king isn’t? Run and stand in a hill. ■■■■■■■ gay! I’m good! If you don’t like TDM don’t play it. I don’t like king so guess what? I don’t play it.


TDM stats: 25 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes = 36,000 minutes played (inflated since I only played 24 days & 7 hours)

36,000 minutes / 2,300 (rounded wins) = 16 minutes rounded. (Inflated without losses)

Not including maybe 700 -1,000 losses. Can’t tell since game doesn’t show.

Used to show what weapons you killed with but I can’t retrieve that information, I don’t know if an update happened. But my gnasher was at 85%.

Now, how can you camp 3,000 games with a gnasher lol. My k/d was 1.91 too. Not much camping.

But players who are scared of life count will camp & reckless players will brutishly rush.

Because one player plays scared everything will be camping since they camp. Vice versa a rusher who blindly charges, everyone’s camping but them.

In tdm there’s an art to rushing. People just don’t get that.

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When I play I will slow down if we start losing as do most people. Especially if we are on our last life. But that’s TDM. It’s the last ditch effort to try and get the win. This is the first gears that I really gotten into since 2 and I have loved it (for the most part) I’m not as good as I was In gears 2. I had 2.7KD in execution and was ranked top 20 in ex and wingman. I used to play that 16 hours a day. No LIFE! Lol

I remember in 2 people would stalemate constantly and waste time by camping like crazy. Or if they were loosing they would lag switch187. I won’t name anyone. It’s just gears everyone wants to win. So some people will resort to camping and crossing all game. I’ve done it and I’m not ashamed we wanted to win because this team was talking so much ■■■■.

I just want to play gears and have fun. But they’re making it rather hard to enjoy when you can’t play with your friends on the game type that we prefer.

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Multiple times over the years I said it should go back to 4v4.

Across most game modes.

The reason being, the maps suit 4v4 more. Especially the maps they kept bringing back. Plus various other reasons.

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I know. I was mostly just poking fun, but his stats do look mediocre. Even if he had more kills, he still didn’t have a good game and isn’t really in a position to call out his teammates.

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I agree on that lol

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I think this would solve a lot of people’s frustrations about the supposed lancer-fest.

Mathematically, there are less guns on you, which should free up your movement.

I would consider coming back to versus if they do this.

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I find matches that play 4v4 at times; feel more fluid and are also a lot more fun.

I do miss 4v4 lobbies. IMO Gears MP should be that team size.