Why isn't anyone talking about the return of Jack?

I love that little guy


looks like Baird found everything he needed to keep him up and running. Last time we saw him Baird weaponized him for combat…lets see what he can do in Gears 5.

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Plot twist.

Jack hacks the swarm.

All hail swarm King Jack.


plot twist

Jack is Swarm controlled spy

carrying imulsion bomb, detonates and kills everyone but Kait and Del…

Kait and Del the new King and Queen of the swarm

Well we really haven’t seen Jack in awhile. But I’m very happy he is making a return. I miss the Gears 2 Campaign it was really epic. Back then I would replay Gears 2 Campaign over and over. You can say I’m hooked.

Last time we actually saw Jack was on Gears 3 for the Final Mission on the Island

until Now…

He is on Blood Drive Morgue side floating in the background…or perhaps it’s his twin?

I haven’t paid much attention so I am unsure whether that is JACK or not ill take a look today when I’m on. But I was speaking from a story line prospective. But good catch regardless.

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Jack could just as easily get infected however he can go invisible so you never know :+1:

Im hoping jack has new skills and tactics. May assist in fighting

What like has a laser and melts enemies?

Would be cool I guess, if he can rip open doors he can rip open Swarm!

An Evil JACK weaponized by Baird wrecking Havoc on the remaining soldiers…:+1::+1::+1:

Ooo that’s a little too dark for me!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

That’s a nightmare… Baird would need a whole new game Judegement 2 hahaha

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Aha - Judgement was so bad, I pretend it didn’t exist :laughing:

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I stopped playing Gears because of that game…but I always find myself coming back.

At least Judgement is in the past…lol no more of that nonsense.

Yeah, I couldn’t even finish Campaign and that’s saying something.

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Only reason I finished the campaign was because I was deployed and didn’t have anything else to play lol.

Fair enough :sweat_smile:

I think I’ve seen him on Security, inside a small room in the corridor.