Why isn’t Supportive fire encouraged/rewarded realistically in Koth?

Title says it all. How come I get 40 kills in koth covering my teammates with assault rifles while I have 3 caps and 3 breaks and still get bottom of leaderboard?

My teammates on the other hand had no where near 30 but had about 7 breaks each and 1-6 caps each

This game/system rewards the slayers… You need to be able to do both slay and support effectively, there’s a time to use your gnasher and a time for your lancer, knowing when to use each effectively will reward you with a higher spot on the leader board… Keep in mind that your total score (leaderboard placement) is not the only thing being considered, if you have 40+ kills, 20+ downs & 3 caps/breaks someone with say 20kills/10downs & 20 caps/breaks may be placed higher due to a total score, but the ranking system will take into consideration the role you played during said game, and how much of a contribution you made. My advice, continue to cross and support your team but don’t forget to pull out your gnasher when needed and get some chunks… If you want to be higher on the leaderboard you can always try to get a few more caps/breaks.

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Thanks man