Why is this still happening?

Does it still happen to everyone as often as me? This guy even made it to the mvp screen…


it’s a bug and they simply haven’t fixed it yet. this is probably lower on the list of issues they have. not a priority at this point .

How long before they try to sell that skin in the shop?


Its already there​:rofl::rofl:


I really do like this skin :man_shrugging:

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Viral marketing for the story DLC to come.

You found Secret Easter egg! Its the silver Surfer

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Seems a weird bug that’s carried through the franchise.

Like spawning without a gun in previous games.

Marvel should sue and I’m sure TC would get a move on and fix if they did

It happens to my Dad, but I’ve never seen it in game. He is on One X hardware and im on 1st series xbox1.

Prototype Pepsi Man skin

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It’s the new silver surfer character…he’s 15 bucks-get your wallet out

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looks awesome man… Perhaps you were not informed , but THE COALITION it’s going to add THE WIZARD OF OZ characters.

You already got the first : THE TIN MAN , I believe in December they are going to release for limited time only THE COWARDLY LION for Versus Players… :slight_smile:

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He’s the Iron-1000, part of the Terminated Collection. :stuck_out_tongue:
“I’ve travelled back in time to steal your DDMac skin and waste your Iron.” [flashbang]

“Back by popular demand”

There was actually a Twitter poll asking if people wanted it as a DB skin. A lot said yes.