Why is this happening?

I was playing a few games of Core King of The Hill to get myself ranked. I was going against a bunch of Onyx Ranks and Gold ranks, and got MVP in 3 of my games. I got a Solid medal in every game, meaning I went positive and I get a BRONZE 3 RANKING??? This makes no sense! I was doing absolutely amazing, and I get such a low rank? I expected at least Gold 1. This makes no sense, and you should look into it.

I think that the problem is you are ranked by how your team and team mates play along with how you do and other factors. I think the ranking should be done by your own skills and game play. Not by how your team mates do. Hopefully the ranking system will be updated to reflect how an individual player does and not on how some random people that don’t know the object of the game perform. Good luck.

Placement matches are broken tbh. In Season 1, I got Bronze 3 in KOTH while my friend got Onyx 1 and my other friend got Gold 1. We played all placement games together and in every game, I got better stats than both of them. And we were the same rank from the past season (Season 0).

It’s annoying because you have a long way to grind since you get stuck at 100% for up to 2 hours every time you need to promote to the next tier, but at the end of it, you’ll get the rank you deserve even if you’re placed really far back.

Played 5 2v2 matches won EVERY one and got MVP on 4 matches. Placed in Silver 1. Makes no sense the only good thing is im jumping about 50% after each game

Happy to know there are people who understand the issue. Don’t know why this hasn’t been fixed yet. Saddening to know that this is what we’re gonna have to deal with.

The game doesn’t throw you into a higher rank when you’re placing there for the first time because there’s no history. You may have won every match but the competition may have been lower so they’re going to have you work your way up to the higher tiers.

I played and won all 9 of my matches in 2v2 and was placed into Silver 1. I am currently sitting pretty at Silver 2 and I know I’m better than that but I also understand why this happens. If you reach Onyx in 2v2 this season you wouldn’t start out in the Silver tier if you performed this way so it’s working as intended in most instances anyway. I’m sure there are those weird things that happen because let’s face it that’s all this game is.

History or not when you play your placement matches and win all against high onyx and diamond, Silver 1 is a joke. I wasn’t expecting onyx but i wasn’t expecting silver 1 either. might as well have been placed in bronze