Why is this game made so that people who are sliding into cover are impervious while doing it


(telekinetix) #1

I know thst you can still get hit while sliding usually by rifles at far range, i notice in a lot of shot gun battle who ever is frantically sliding into cover doesnt get hit and you see teo people doing it and its like they are dancing, neither one hitting the other with a shot going through whole clips, mean while if you jump to evade some one can shoot where you were previously standing and you die with your body being behind the person killing you. Like the shot gun blast is coming out if their elbows, all this happens mostly when i see pings over 75 in the game, i dont want to know a mechanically reason as to why its like this, i want to hear from the person who made it this way as to why its like this, why not make rolling/ jumping just as affective for dodging? Too bad we cant have really dedicated servers