Why is this 1 image in such low resolution?

This has been there since launch, and it annoys me. The other images are in 720p/ higher, and this image is like 480p.

I mean, even the “Characters” image is in lower resolution than “Weapons” / “Totems” (it looks it, anyway):

This isn’t a big deal, but I’ve never seen an image in a menu from any other game be this low of resolution.

Like, c’mon. It’s a picture, it can’t be that hard to make it high resolution :smile:


Might be lower quality, but to me I think it just looks like the characters are blurred to put focus on the spots. That would make sense.

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maybe due of the fact that they are not making a lot of money selling emoticons, banners and blood sprays , they decided to lower the resources on their servers and finally decided to upload lower resolution .jpegs to add to the game’s menu.

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That would make sense, that’s what I thought at first, but then you take a closer look at the texture of the models.Gears5_0iGNU4raep
And then I want to throw up.

lol Noticed that too. They probably effed it up while fixing the xp/challenge tracker today by accident.

It’s been here since launch :scream:

Wait, its been low res this whole time? Get outta here. I just noticed it earlier today lol.

Yep, been there since I first started playing lol

They changed some things on character models in the update(like changing certain things on character models - like making the fur on Winter Armor Kait awfully bright white when it had a darker tone prior, so bright it just doesn’t look right and almost hurts my eyes, not to mention it just looks worse than before). But that image, as others mentioned, it always remained the same.

DOF on static pics are ugly. Used to highlight the marker as said above.
But, yeah, ugly. Lol.