Why is there such a dull store in this game?

I mean, why don’t they just make a store with constant content and to replenish it whenever possible?

They want to match Fortnite. Ok, but the amount of content that goes through their store for 7 days we will see in Gears for 7 months.

I regret not having time to get Chrome Steel Kait and much more. And now have I to wait for the release of Gears 6? Although I’m more than sure that we will see Black Steel when everyone is well spent on the current content.

Well, suppose TC wants the players this way to buy skins out of boredom or because of fear they will never see them again in the store. But even in this case, I have certain budget limit that I set for myself and for which I am not going to step over. Instead, I could spend money on something that will make my gaming experience more positive.

Another point related to the emergence of new players whom the TС so wants to interest. Ok, let’s imagine that I’m a new player who begins his acquaintance with the game from Opearation 10. And what? Now can’t I even afford the Liquid Metal Weapon Skins from Operation 3? All can I count on is Wooden Skins? Perhaps it would be a better option to let beginners get them at least with scrap.

I mean, the more you like the way your character and his equipment look, the more you want to play this broken game.


I think a once a week refresh is fine. It gives ppl time to purchase items in the store in case they need more iron or need time to decide on it. Any sooner and I bet ppl would complain that it changes too frequently.

Now in terms of content, of course that’s subjective. Sometimes it’s great, and sometimes it sucks. Luckily for me I don’t really care that much for the store. There’s already plenty of free content in the Tour which IMO is usually better.

I understand that, unfortunately (or fortunately), this game does not have many players to satisfy the money appetite of the TC. Therefore, I would like some kind of alternative decision on their part.

Modern monetization theory.

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I understand some of your frustrations.
I missed Islander Lahni because I didn’t know I was ever going to get into playing her and if there was a Chrome Steel Kait then… uh… now I have 2 regrets.
I’ve actually bought more out of fear that I’d not get a second chance but the 2nd go around of warm glow didn’t rotate all of the groups so I may have an incomplete set that I’ll never play.

TC if you’re listening - please sell everything you have up to this point, you can keep adding to it.
Also in the mean time please offer ways to buy complete weapons skin sets - I’m not going to run an incomplete set and if you’re going to rotate some but not all then you’re teaching me not to waste my time on buying any that aren’t complete from the start.


Microsoft doesn’t seem to have any problems with the current monetization scheme so I can only assume it is not a priority.

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I don’t–I’m confused.

Big dumb hours right now boi.

I’m saying if a company has put out a feature which appears to the customer to be lackluster, that feature is not a priority for the company.

Xbox Game Studios is the parent organization of The Coalition. Microsoft is the overall parent. Money decisions are made from top down. Therefore Microsoft has reached a level of satisfaction with the Gears 5 store or are slow to implement an update.

Exactly. I am sure that among the players there are perfectionists who love full sets. For example, last week we saw Kryll Lanser Skin and could only guess (given TC’s not particularly pedantic) about the continuation (Kryll Gnasher Skin). And such a player could refrain from buying. Or in the case of Chrome Steel Skins, he might think, “Why should I buy Chrome Steel Characters Skins, if I once missed Chrome Steel Weapons Skins and I won’t have a complete set?”.

Well yeah, but

  1. I hope Monetization wouldn’t be top-priority, even as important as it is.
  2. We’re still gonna disagree with the Top-Down thing.

I know they can only make updates in certain windows, some games circumvent this by staying in a perpetual “Beta” like Fortnite, but others must wait for the update Window.

But my expectation is that it’s doing well enough for TC to ignore and let it be, after their original changes to the prices early on. As I’ve talked about with @ll_R_E_D_l before, the people who pay for it aren’t going to stop paying for it, so the system continues and the rest of us are stuck with it.

And very few studios are so consumer-friendly like CDPR to not go with the temptation of a Monetization system like this. Even if it’s short lived economically, they care about short-term numbers.

If idiots keep getting bitten by snakes then oil salesmen will sell.

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Not exactly. We got a what’s up a few days ago that advertised the upcoming kryll gnasher. There was a window of opportunity for people who wanted both skins and who saw that news post.

CDPR will fall, I’m sure of it.

A small reminder, on a newsletter very few people read (relative to the majority of the playerbase), less than 24 hours before the changes took hold.

Not to mention it’s $4 for a single skin which is unacceptable.

They may, and when that comes I’ll stop to supporting them. But I doubt it. They, like Bungie (now) aren’t owned by a large publisher such as EA, Activision or even Xbox Game Studios, so they’ve got a lot more freedom to make the pro-consumer choices that they want.

Yeah - with the Kryll; the lancer was beautiful but it was just the lancer, now I see the gnasher but I didn’t know that there was going to be more so I didn’t start and now I can never start because I missed the lancer.
This behavior has cost them sales of the entire kryll set because they didn’t make it easy for me to give them my money.
I’m fine with spending my cash on other stuff but if they’re in this to make money then there’s money to be made if they make it easier to buy what I want. I imagine that they’re offering them 1 at a time because they’re almost as expensive as a loadout set of other weapon skins and 400 a week is easier to accept than 7,200 all at once but put them all in a kryll tab of a store and I’ll either buy them all or a few at a time - with the confidence that the rest will be there for me when my budget is ready xD

I was responding to his post with a technical clarification. Notice how I specifically said that a small group of people had time to get both skins if they wanted it.

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Please don’t use Bungie as an example of pro consumer practice

Well it was implied but you didn’t say a small group specifically, only referring to those who had actually read the post. But fair point.

Why not? Destiny 1 & 2 had terrible things yes, but were also under Activision-Blizzard as a publisher. Once they split all I’ve heard are good things, and now Destiny 2 is F2P more like a traditional MMO.

And they’re on the track of Pro-consumerism, not a shining gold example like CDPR currently is, I’ll give you that.

Destiny 2 had the most hated store in the history of Destiny. I played the game religiously for 6 months from launch. There were nothing but complaints all over the internet, huge weekly articles about how Bungie was continually messing up their game with balance fixes, nerfs, lack of endgame content, and on and on and on. One-time use cosmetics, poorly implemented inventory systems, horrible RNG etc etc. you can pick a better company as a paragon of gaming. Maybe Obsidian.

That’s why I said at launch, Destiny 2 has gotten better since the Publisher split about a year ago. I understand that they were terrible at launch, but it’s changed.

Sort of like Gears 4’s evolution.

And before you reply, it is hypocritical to say Bungie was held back by Activision/Blizzard and not extend the same courtesy to the TC/Microsoft relationship.