Why is there such a difference between Classic-Alternate and Default?

Hello guys,

I’ve been playing (or suffering in) this game for a while. I noticed that using different control scheme completly change the way you bounce.
In classic alternate it feels like my character is restricted and also seem to roll instead of up a 25% of the time . The bounce feels super restricted. Even though you never roll sometimes it doesn’t allow you to shoot.
Switch back to Default (Aka roll 24/7) and its so strange how you feel much more free and responsive. How changing a control scheme completly change the way your character behave ?
Any explanation ?

Edit : Just found out playing classic alt remapped to tournament is actually a way to counter the lack of responsivity. Its basically a default 2.0.

So my theory is that the way bouncing system was designed, Have some sort of requirement to make the mechanic work. And i do believe in order for your character to bounce properly you have to simultaneously press cover/evade/RR even though this lead sometimes to accidently rolling. Do you think its imaginable to change these requirement to only make the « cover » as the only requirement to bounce without losing the momentum (feels less responsive and restricted when you RR/Evade and Cover are bind to two different button on a controler ).

English is not my main language, sorry about that.

When it comes to control schemes, it originally intended to make a balance between left handed and right handed people during gameplay.
However, nowadays it’s been expanded to where you can basically input your own or select a specific scheme to interact with that changes how the input is progressed within the game. Depending on how the input is coded, you will see a difference in each of them from how fast you move to how fast the response is.

This is how terrible it is to play versus for a lot of people because there are some who uses this to their advantage, especially when there is a clear advantage seen in the scheme. I have never messed with it personally In gears 5, but I know that there is an obvious difference that’s beyond just skill In many games when it comes to dealing with the “best” players in a pvp setting.

Basically, it’s the style people come to use that makes it different and difficult to make the game seem balanced. That is why there is an alternative, so you can see if it makes you any better in the game or not. That is also the problem because it’s basically rock, paper, and scissors when it comes to people playing the game in a fair manner, when it’s obvious that it isn’t.

Also your English is alright. Mine is the same as yours and only certain American people seem to have a problem with People typing English in an incorrectly grammar way, but that is hardly an issue here…

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Hi ConcludedHail40

First of all thanks for giving me your opinion about it. I want to explain what i think of the bouncing system. Basically the problem is that you have to choose between two options that are not optimal.

You either separate in two different bind Cover and Evade/RoadieRun, you roll less, so you get less punished for not bouncing properly, but the responsivity of The Cover button will be affected causing a sort of lack of reactivity.

Or you either choose the option of playing classic alt but you remap those 3 action listed earlier in the same button. You litterally become a bouncing machine, but if you miscalculate a bounce it cost you to roll and trust me it happens a lot.

It is super easy to kill someone that roll because he miscalculate a cover, imo you shouldn’t be punish because you attempt to perform an action with a permanent risk to auto-lose a 1v1 situation because you made that small mistake of not looking enough at the wall.

Why PC/M&K Players are allowed to separate these 3 buttons, having the same receptivity on cover.
But when you play on xbox/controller you’re forced to play with this condition .

Most of the good players would probably disagree with me, because i do think if we were able to have a super responsive bounce and completly suppress the rolling out of the bouncing system, this would lower the skill gap of the game as it is already pretty low. The good players adapted and learned through but i still see some pro gears players making that missclick .

I’m speculating on all of this, i feel the way this system was all designed for controller was prioritized for Default scheme.
I wish someone from TC could back me up and tell me i’m all wrong but i’m pretty sure there is an issue that was probably not intended for the classic-alt users.

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That sounds about right. I think.

When it comes to good players though, there is um… a huge Difference in that since many aspects are trialed and given their appropriate titles based on their overall skills in the many modes of gears of war, (example: Good Campaign players, good Versus players, good horde players etc.)

If you are referring to good wallbounce players, then yes, but if you mean good overall players in all modes, then it’s an unknown since I have yet to meet A jack of all trades player. I personally don’t qualify as I don’t like the idea of bouncing and I don’t do such a thing when I play.
Maybe there’s something to it that you have yet to discover because precision is key in gears 5.

Not true. There is the shooter scheme which separates those three actions into three different operations, on the controller.

I don’t like it, it’s crap, IMO, but it IS available.