Why is the upcoming Hivebusters DLC worth $19.99?

Mentioning the article covering this DLC’s details down below:

The DLC provides only three hours of content. Nothing else.

TC, for the content the DLC is offering its definitely not worth 19.99$.

This is 1/3rd the cost of a AAA game, this price point is ridiculous.
For the amount of content this DLC is offering, the ideal price point should be around 5-7$. Nothing more than that.

If you really think that this DLC is worth 19.99$, kindly explain to me why, I am willing to listen.

NOTE: I am aware that this DLC is free for Xbox Gamepass Ultimate subscribers, but that’s not the point.


It kinda is though. With about 5 minutes of “”“work”"" everyone can get 1 month of GPU for a dollar/euro/whatever your currency is. The price-tag probably compensates for that since there will be people paying that price not knowing/not caring.

Also; the Clown-skins also have a 20$ dollar price tag and they’re worth nothing.


I am saying that this DLC is not worth the price point.

Just because they make it free for Xbox Gamepass Ultimate subscribers doesn’t mean that they could charge 19.99$ or higher on this.

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How do you know? Have you played it already?
Given that the campaign is escape-based I would expect the replay-value to be quite good.


I think that’s pretty reasonable to me if I’m being honest.


Obviously not…

I made this post based on what the article had written about this DLC.

Maybe the replay value would be once or twice… I can’t see it going any more than that.

Look, whatever be the case I’ll still wait for the DLC to come out.
For the price point TC is offering this DLC at, many players would be hesitant to buy this.
If the DLC is really good I would be more than willing to edit my post.

I think there’s more reason to be in an uproar over skin costs tbh since the cost to development time ratio on those are astronomical.


This is easy, if you don’t think it’s worth it then don’t purchase it. I’m sure it’ll be free or a third of the price in a year or so. I happen to really enjoy Gears 5 and will purchase the DLC immediately.


People pay that price for a single chrome steel Baird.
So pretty much… The big deal are for those who bought the ultimate edition, as always.


I’m not surprised its 19.99. Almost all campaign DLC I have purchased or seen being sold was at least 19.99

As for it being worth 20 well I’ll have to wait and play it before I can make that judgement.

People buy lazy designed weapon skins for 10 dollars or more, but story content where actual motion capture work with actors and crew and in general more than one or two persons involved is too expensive?


Raam’s Shadow was like 10 bucks, we’ll see how much content this is really worth. MTX and DLC are two entirely separate things IMO and should be priced accordingly.

EDIT: Actually Raam’s shadow when converted for Microsoft Points was 15 dollars, if this DLC includes skins like Raams Shadow did then the price actually doesn’t bother me.


20 bucks is pretty reasonable to me. It would be hard to justify all the work that goes into a campaign without making a profit.


The $20 dollar price isn’t there to be justified.

Microsoft wants everyone using game pass. This helps show the value of the subscription service.

People who refuse are going to pay a “refusal to conform price”.

At this point, game pass ultimate is really a steal. I’m a little concerned about price increases going forward though.

I’d agree that $20 is overpriced for what it is. I’d also agree with everyone who keeps telling the op it’s like $1 usd to get it for a month.

Microsoft provides a couple of choices to play the dlc. You have to pick the path best for you.


Much better value than $20 for a weapon skin or Terminator characters.


At $20, it us actually cheaper to buy a full price month of Game Pass.
Then they make even more on the auto renew.

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Just get gamepass, its a good deal.

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Besides game pass, I think it’s a fair price. A full game for € 59,99 is actually quite cheap considering how much more effort and money is being put into nowadays. It is the character and weapon skins that are so much overpriced.

Not worth £1.99 if you ask me.

The only interesting thing about it is Hoffman.


I’d recommend stocking up to guard against that. You can stack normal xbox live gold up to 2-3 years then just pay 1 month for ultimate and get ultimate for no increase after that.

I just did this and got 2 years worth of game pass ultimate for price of xbox live gold

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