Why is the suspension timer no longer visible?

At one point not that long ago, I could see the countdown for suspension time for myself or someone in my game when attempting to start a pvp game. Now however, we have no idea how long it’ll take because it’s no longer being shown. After searching forums a bit, and the ol’ interwebs, it’s about as clear as mud to me. Can someone fill me in?


Same problem just received a ban from a lobby dissolving . Didnt quit but now i have to stop playing for the night thanks to TC. Yet another f*** up TC thanks again for being laziest game developers of all time

@TC_Octus where did the suspension timer go? I havent had a suspension in ages but have you fixed it?

No reason given as far as I know. Presumably they want to keep people on their toes, so people who get banned can’t just go off play sonething else for 30 minutes and come back straight away. Seems a bit obtuse to me.

Same here, got suspended for accidentally backing out of a lobby and there’s no suspension timer… Going on 6 hours now. WTH

@the-coalition please fill us in. Why did you remove it?

We kindly request you guys to add it back so we can save our time and not wait for the suspension to go away.

I’ve had network issues recently and got kicked out a few times, now I even managed to rejoin and finish the match but still got a suspension which has been going for more than 3 hours. This really dissapointed me, I was never anti-TC but this really put me off.

At least show us the timer and please respond on twitter more often, maybe have a person who’s job is to take care of your social media accounts.

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@the-coalition good talk?