Why is the Saudi flag not represented properly?

It’s missing the script and only has the sword. Why put it in the store in the first place? I’ve seen it since the game released and it still baffles me.

I think, if I remember correctly, the Saudi’s have an issue with the flag being printed in full on anything that’s not “proper” given it’s ‘holy’ status

They wouldn’t let the flag be printed on the official world cup football a few years back, even tho it featured all the other involved countries as well as world cup beer bottles

So ya get a half flag, they’re not offended and Saudi players get something at least

Look, I managed to keep my personal feelings about it out :rofl::rofl:

Until you mentioned that you have personal feelings about it.🤷😎

Ikr :sunglasses:

But you don’t know what they are do you?


SO I’ll tell you cuz I’ve silenced myself long enough

Its a cr@p flag that can’t possibly be holy

However I feel the same way about every other flag

Now that’s equality :rofl::rofl: