Why is the ranking so broken

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Ok so I’m a onyx 3 and my percentage was at 97% won 5 games in tdm 2-0 and 2 of the 5 teams were full of diamond master but my percentage won’t go up are u serious? Then I lose 1 really close game and it drops 4% what a joke.u may be thinking oh 4% isn’t that bad well it is when u have to win like 3-5 games just for 1% I see people they just fly through diamond teirs faster then I do on onyx I know ur gonna say they are performing better well ur wrong I’ve been playing with the same group of guys getting mvp and I barely go up, they just sky rocket through the levels so thanks for this system

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Do you have screenshots of the games you won?

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Play Solo, get MVP and/or Smooth Opertor consistently = Diamond in no time.

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