Why Is The Ranked Player Base So Bad?

I don’t know where to start …

… but most of us can agree, taking our chances in random lobbies with strangers and/or having randoms in our games is 90% of the time a miserable experience. Ranked is king when played with friends and players you trust are good and know their role.

What do you think caused this?
Why do most players behave this way and think it’s ok?


Behaved what way


Mad cause you can’t carry?


When you gonna put your money where your mouth is and run koth with me?

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And break my back?

No thank you sir


Shots fired


When your teammates can’t break 1k points…I think there might be a couple screws loose

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Somebody gets me

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I dropped 94 kills today in koth and lost lol

Teammates didn’t get past 40

Private custom game full of bots doesn’t count, J.

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o ok

King of the HILL… number of kills you say, not that important. What if Mr 40 kills had 20 caps and 15 breaks, and you, , say 10 caps and 5 breaks. I’m sure you did more, but you get the point.

I think it is very telling that you mention kills in Hill and not caps, is all. :+1:

My biggest issue with randoms is the endless quitting.


That’s not really how it works

? I play Hill daily around Onyx 3, how does it work then Over 500 wins, not a lot but not too shabby.

Caps/breaks mean nothing if you ain’t winning your fights.

I had 23 caps and 21 breaks bruh

They all had less then 15 for each

Again too simplistic. You might be a support player.

We can agree to differ. Im going off a lot of games I play. Your experience obviously differs.

My main point was that the OP was talking about an objective based game mode. Hill and a reply mentioned amount of kills a player got while being on the losing team of a mode not based solely by kills.

Support player isn’t really a thing.

You can take a supportive position at certain parts of the game.

Saying one is a support player is pretty much the same as saying he’s a weak player.

Good for you I expected as much,simply pointing out your initial thought was too “boast” that you had over 50 kills more than team mates.

We all know Gears is a widely inconsistent beast, maybe they had a bad game or connection. I can play the same all night and get totally different perfornences almost every game, I am very average mind you.

As I say for me, as long as you are trying I don’t give a toss about kills. Just don’t AFK, don’t waste time on beatdowns and above all DON’T QUIT. :+1:

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Er…OK then… we don’t agree at all, cheers for replies.