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Why is the over kill trash compared to gnasher in versus

Wtf lol i literally have puttin whole clips into people at close range and 3-4ft away and they dont die where as the gnasher will at least down somebody.
This is why the gnasher should only be a power weapon if you took it out of the game completely most ppl would quit cause they’re bad with anything else

I’ve wrecked people with the overkill, feels even stronger than it was in GoW4.


Psssht lol good for you i liked the gears 4 version far more this one ive puttin full clips in ppl only for them to kill me a gnasher

Wut? Overkill is amazing in this game. I can down people from ridiculous ranges with a few shots. Are you staggering your shots a bit between pressing and releasing the trigger?

Yeah usually double tap maybe its the sponging and ive been unlucky the few times ive picked it up.
But i know ive been shot by the gnashrr a multitude of times and it did no damage so maybe that what ive witnessed ive also noticed hits being off like unload a half clip into someone with the enforcer and only hit twice

You have to hold the trigger and release slowly, otherwise the Overkill’s shots spread too wide.

That could be the problem you’re having.

I’m not sure what you mean by double tap, but the best way to use the Overkill is to hold the trigger, wait about 1/2 a second and then release, rinse and repeat. If you press and release quickly for that double-shot, the spread gets really wide like Wisdom Thumbs said above me.

I’d take just a minute to go in a private match and shoot it against the wall and you’ll see what I mean; if you control the spread, the Overkill becomes insanely strong at like 1.5x or 2x the gnasher’s range.

wait so it charges…?

Not exactly, but I guess you could think of it like that lol. Basically if you press the trigger, that’s one half of a shot, and if you release it that’s the other half. But if you press and release right away, you get a super wide spread that won’t hit anything that’s not right in front of you. You have to wait (or “charge it”) like half a second before releasing the trigger to get that tight spread.

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Good to know. I thought very much the same thing of the overkill as T2damax. In gears 4 I would just bam.bam.bam the trigger and obliterate the target in this game I was doing the same thing and then going wtf how am I better off using my gnasher LoL.

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Seriously yeah i didn’t have a clue about that

The faster you pull or release the trigger the wider the spread. Slow down a bit in between each shot and the range should improve.

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