Why is the majority of teams not in the store including the champions?

I have a few cause I like the designs and am left wondering why the majority of the roster is not in the game and have not been for like a year, including the champions of the tournaments,

Is there a reason the store is not supporting the teams?

The reason is simply because the one in charge is not aware of it. You could also say there is no one in charge and that would explain a lot of things.

My thoughts: why the heck are the RR skins still available when they quit gears esports over a year ago but we don’t have skins for teams that have been around 6+ months and they have been champions? No EUnited? Vanquish? (they’re gone now but they won 2 majors) what about the current champ KCP?

I get it the team moved on to Gears 6 but if they keep having tournaments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars why are they unable to hire someone to design skins for the current teams? (not even design them from scratch, just copy paste at least the ones from G4).

Most important skins for the set given during the tournament? We didn’t even get a “woops, my bad”.

They should hire @GearsCharacters for G6, he’s been consistent on keeping an eye out for what TC keeps missing when it comes to skins.


Thanks bro

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