Why is the last of us gore better than gears 5

Gears of War is known for a lot of things but one of the most important aspects of gears is the gore, that was the whole point of putting a chainsaw on a gun. I feel like the gore in gears 4 and 5 have been toned down instead of upgraded from Gears of War 3. The gore in 5 looks and feels empty the gibs are not as satisfying and the bodies are missing the extra details (rib cages, organs, intestines).

So of course I have seen the last of us 2 gameplay and I must say it has the best gore physics Ive ever wanted in a Gears of War game. Enemies screaming on the ground with their limbs blown off with incredible detail. Exploding enemies just look horrific (in a good way).

Where is this level of detail in Gears of War?


Because Naughty Dog is one hell of a developer.


Completed TLou2 yesterday as it goes. Not getting into it here but agree with the visceral violence also the campaign was very long, hopefully we get a lengthy campaign in Gears 6.

Also I assume everyone knows Laura Bailey is in the game?

@Krylon_Blue. I’m not so sure a lot of the staff at ND feel the same way, if the press is to believed

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I don’t but I also don’t play that game. I don’t know how many people would care even if they knew Bailey voices(d, in case of the latter) Kait and Valera.

And I’m pretty sure TC said something along the lines of them not going all out on gore for performance improvements or something alike.

She is in both games as far as I know. She voices an NPC in part 1.

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I’m always interested in Gears actors in other games. I mean if you played the Uncharted series, Chloe IS Sam in it, I even use her in multilayer. I love Claudia Black’s voice and sass!

As for their argument, many other games manage it, a load of old Pony.

@Circa_Darkrage, fair enough :+1:

All I think I noticed of voice actors is vaguely recalling that John DiMaggio also voices Tartarus in Halo 2.

And I don’t care much for TCs excuses as I don’t care too much for gore. It can’t bother or interest me that much if I shoot zombie heads that sometimes explode in Resident Evil(at least the two most recent remasters have that) and leave pieces of brain lying around without me being really put off too much by it or notice it much.

She apparently voiced Abby.

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Is it me or one of the enemy soldier from the Division 2 has got the voice of Gary Carmine!? :exploding_head:

Doesn’t matter. Every game they create has been at the top of many lists for best games created in any given generation. Last of Us and Uncharted are two of the best series created on PS3/4 and even in history.

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Uncharted, not for me. I have just completed a run o f the ND collection and 1 and 2 Have aged awfully. They are glorified shooting galleries a lot of the time.

I did have fun with 3 and 4 is a level.above, I will give you that. I will say the humour and acting is spot on across all the games.

TLoU is indeed sublime. TLoU2 is good but not anywhere near as good as 1, in fairness it never was going to be.

…anyway Gore in Gears, moving forward I would like a return to Gears 3 level of immersion.

ND is a top tier AAA studio who had a vision and nailed it (yet again).

this is why you let studios create their own stories and have free reign to be creative. MS on the other hand is more about buying out popular IP’s and throwing a team at it in hopes it takes off in the esport/streamer scene.

Game As A Service was TC’s vision and that’s exactly what they delivered in Gears 5.


I have the gore and swearing turned off, gore in particular I’m bored of it and don’t need it to enjoy the game.

Waiting on the inevitable Remastered Edition a year or two down the line.

Naughty Dog made a legitimately great game since their Jak and Daxter days.

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Sounds like your just hating those games are great. Onethe few series that has multiple game that scored tens. But if u don’t personally find them appealing I feel it.

Because so much gore is needed for a trans person to kill a white guy!? :thinking: