Why is the invisible weapon glitch still in the game

Why is the invisible weapon glitch still in the game? I was playing gears of war 4 with my grandfather since he got it free with gold a few months ago and we were playing horde. Wave 37 I ran out of dropshot ammo and couldn’t do anything else because of the invisible gun glitch where it still looks like you are holding a gun but can’t switch or shoot. Anyway I had to explain it to him because he got mad that I stopped doing anything and it was very difficult to die because I had all the health cards equipped. Just a very frustrating way to end an enjoyable night. I know that this probably won’t get fixed because they removed gears of war 4 from the topic selection but it still would be nice to fix it finally

A simple solution to this problem is to put your “invisible” weapon in a weapon locker and equip it again. You should be able to use the dropshot again. TC has no plans to fix any bugs left in Gears 4 unfortunately. It’s done and over with.


Thanks but unfortunately we didn’t have a locker at the time

You didn’t have a locker at wave 37? :open_mouth:

Well we normally just spend our power on manned turrets and barriers I tried the locker a few times but God bless him he would always take it a few minutes later haha and I can’t get mad at him he’s in his 70s on his way out sadly. So I would just buy the weapons from the fabricator. And yes it was on casual. He doesn’t care to even upgrade his cards because he says it’s too complicated. And because he lives in our old house still I can’t help him by using his profile for a few minutes

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