Why Is The Horde Player Base So Bad?

Most of them aren’t even casuals. Theres people with triple my time played and just have no idea what theyre doing if theyre not playing Overload, the clock or the surge on insane lol


Then you won’t be able to use as much Shock Grenades. That’s the key thing for a Demolition being a “Shock Trooper”. Sure the Damage output tends to drop, but often times it’s good to have something to stun enemies to make it easier for your teammates to kill.

@RelaxingKoty. I don’t even understand how you can do something so much and absorb so little information and still be bad at whatever you are doing. They should probably sell their disks or uninstall

@Thee_Bluejay. I always was curious if people who needed to find glitches in gaming, cheated or cut corners in what they did in real life too. I’m probably overthinking it though.

I honestly haven’t been on this week for Gears 5 because it provides no challenges at all outside of custom maps.

I wish they added higher difficulties on the same maps.


I wonder if I want to break the Meta where Mechanic is playing a DPS.

However, 100% of player will be in mind that you’re suppose to Build Fortifications, but not a DPS.


Combat Medic can hold extra grenades too and is better at using ANY lancer while also providing stim and team revives. Demo on the other hand has to pay for a GL, doesn’t do as much damage with it and provides no utility. Hell, you can even go Slugger if all you want to do is spam shock grenades

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prob because they get carried and want best rewards all the time idk.

i wish i could chill and play a support class like combat medic, an engineer or something like that. but people suck so much im forced to play only demo. Pilot can carry too but it’s a bit slower so might as well go speed.


Sorry, I forgot to mention that Combat Medics can’t plant as many grenades. So counting the planted grenades and the ones on-hand, Demolitions have more.

I mentioned a more viable way for that class to be used with the Explosive & Bleed damage Reduction modifiers. Yet, here you are just outright making it the most USELESS class to play as. Even if you’re setting up yourself & your teammates for easier kills.

But if you’re that adamant against the Demolitions class, fine. That’s on you. I’m not wasting anymore time here.

If you have to ask, there’s almost no point in explaining .

It’s not that Jack got so much better in an assault build, it’s that more of his support abilities were nerfed AGAIN, so we are being forced to play him that way.
Literally every other character is a two legged being that shoots a gun…taking away support abilities of the flying robot (healing through walls, multiplying ammo, smelting %,) is rather dumb. Especially when it’s done only to slightly affect one very specific situation when’s Tactician is using his ult


Poor players are typified by selfishness. They prioritize kills over teamwork. Further, they either ignore or are ignorant to nuances helpful to team play.

IE, rushing to get/steal kills and end the round instead of allowing a Robotics Expert to clean up in order to benefit from Precision Repairs.

There’s nothing quite like a new player listening and improving based on the advice you give them. I would far rather play with a new player who is trying to play right, than someone great at getting kills that doesn’t give a ***t about their teammates.

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So I may have a reason why you’re getting bad matches. You kick people immediately lol.

I joined a lobby you were in and was kicked within two seconds without a chance to switch classes. I don’t know if you were host, but when you do that sort of thing, no one’s gonna want to join your lobbies.

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Because I don’t play as much as I used to…

Seriously though, the game has become boring for most of the good players so they have gone to play something else.

For me and my old Gears friends - It’s too easy and now the xp requirements have been made so easy, we’ve all maxed out. What is there left to play for? No challenge and no reward.

Is there a requirement that he must do so? To me, the most important thing is that the player joining tries to help the team to win. That he has a team play oriented play style.
I myself like a Torque bow-style Gunner instead of a mulcher one. And I prefer to play Demolition-class with grenades instead of GL. Some won’t like it, some will. Some will kick me, some won’t.
I don’t kick unless the player joining is putting the team at risk or obviously is trying to make us lose.


Welll yeah it was icebound no fortifications and the engineer had the fab on the stairs in one of the buildings. It was a close quarters game due to no fortifications because of the power drain. I would expect he chose that class to use it when we started to get over run, not use the claw!

This morning I had to back out of 5 ■■■■■■■ games on the trot because I joined and the host insta launched no matter what the team composition was or how many where in the lobby. Launching with 2 engineers or only the host and me. There really needs to be a delay or the choice to back out in the first 10 seconds, something to stop that time waste!


Yeah, when I once host a 50 Wave Lobby, and I’m going to play Blademaster, simply no one join me.

I have to solo alone after maybe Wave 8~10 to have 1 Teammate join. They think No Fortifications at the start are Not Possible to Win.

I have so many experience that 4 Teammates cannot know how to deal with Bastions when you have Boomshot, just shoot the Stupid Shield but they don’t. If I died, mostly are getting wiped because someone dominate too much, so players lack the awareness of playing passively after Wave 30.

The majority of host kick players like Lv 18 below, Re50 below, No Promo Class, xxx Class only etc. I would have say “Yes, for success, it’s the only route to select your Teammates”. However, remember once you’re the Beginner and try to Join the Master Lobby, you get kicked also because low Re-Ups & Class, but you really want to feel what Master Level should be.

This is a Negative Feedback Loop when The Old Players do this, the newbies once they’re experienced & Max-Up, they’ll do the same to the another Newbies, who give the bad experience of gaining?

A re-up 50 or Max out Class player should think about whether it’s really necessary at this point to reach Success with One Method or Restriction to Newbies. Why don’t seem them as a Challenge?Do we have our Responsibility to bring or allow Newbies to play?Who allow you to join when you’re Beginner?

Always Players giving Bad Experience, but this is not a fault on TC’ balance.

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Give us Onyx difficulty!

Wtf is up with this, lol. Not talking about OP (don’t thunk I’ve played with him) but I really hate how some hosts literally kick you out 2 seconds after joining if you have an inappropriate class. Like, give me time to change it FFS.


Melee character is supposed to melee. If i see a blademaster shooting their claw while hiding in the base, its always an instant kick.

And it can’t be blamed on “they may not know how to play the class”. I dont let anyone that isnt level 20 stay in my lobby. By the time they’re level 20 they should know.

This game isn’t hard, people just need to learn how to read at a 3rd grade level.


Asking this will give you so many different answers, mostly based upon experience, i personally blame The Coalition.
There is a saying, give someone an inch, and they will take a yard… In this case, i am referring to the Class System, or lack of nowadays.
Back before Op 4 was a thing, each Class was restricted to its own Class, within a certain reason, you chose your Class, you played your Class, you basically did what was required of said Class. Now everything is wide open, you can do what you want, when you want, giving everyone a freedom so large, in my opinion it destroys the Class System completely.
If you are in a random team game, and in some cases even a Custom Game, everyone does what they want and like, regardless of other peoples feelings.
Take me for instance, i play Baird, and always the Engineer, or whatever it is called now, i build my way, and i build depending upon the game i create, for myself i will build barriers like a mental patient and Sentries to back everything up, and Sentries to back up the Sentries. In a Custom Game i will build enough Barriers for protection and Weapons Lockers for all, before i go back to Barriers, and then either more Weapons Lockers or Sentries, depending upon how bad the team is.
I can not build like this if anyone else, or everyone starts with the usual build a Sentry and place it where it will get destroyed, and the cycle continues. This creates tension, anxiety and all the usual bad ill feelings. I never play Custom Games anymore because of this, i will only play Custom Games if i am not playing the Engineer, or i have someone with me, who they then create the game and police it on my behalf, meaning anyone builds, they get booted.
Because of this open freedom The Coalition decided upon, i very rarely play Gears 5, and when i do, it is Solo.

I understand people want freedom, for what ever reason, in the past it has been down to the fact no one wants an Engineer in the team, but that is personal choice, and as a whole, total mute of the situation such as this Post. Gears 5 Horde is a team Based game with Classes, each team in my personal opinion should consist of a Scout/Tank, Engineer, Medic, Sniper and whatever is left in the DPS rotational player pool. I have not gone in to detail regarding the newest Op in the game, simply because i disagree with it completely.
I would like to see the return of a Proper Class System, properly utilised and with it restrictions based upon the Classes in the game.
People that choose not to play with an Engineer, are free to choose that option, but i disagree with opening up of the Fabricator just to cater to these Elitist gamers. You make that choice, you live with the consequences, it is wrong for The Coalition to change the game to suit these people, and in return, and again, this is my personal opinion, i think the game is worse off for it.

My reply to this Post is, The Coalition is to blame.

Yeah I agree. Speedruns deskill players and prevent them from developing and improving.

Grind culture in gaming started it all. Some games were all about the grind and soon player’s mentality shifted from playing to have fun or challenge themselves, and it all became a race to reach the max level, or grinding for better loot, or making the number next to their gamertag name go up. Everything became a means to an end.

GOW4’s time limited and RNG Gear Pack system didn’t help either. On average it took alot of credits and packs to complete weapon sets and get all the character skins, so people wanted to get credits fast.

With GOW5 the crazy amount of grinding needed for skill cards adds to the problem. I remember a friend of mine wanted help to master The Split when it first came out and he wanted the Gear Coin rewards for a top 5% time. He works alot so is only around at weekends. We tried it and failed and he gave up for that weekend saying that he was going to grind for cards for a few classes on The Surge. I kept telling him that he didn’t need to - all of his skill cards were minimum level 4 anyway, and level 5-6 wouldn’t make a major difference, but he insisted. In the end it turned out to be wasted time and he didn’t master it, get a top 5% time and didn’t get the Gear Coin reward (which was what he wanted).

Basically I think in the eyes of many players, card levels end up glossing over actual player ability. They see higher level skill cards as a band-aid and a crutch which will help improve them, rather than taking the time to actually improve their own core abilities. As a result they end up chasing skill cards instead when the difference between level 4 and level 5 skills; or level 5 to level 6 are generally pretty small.

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