Why Is The Horde Player Base So Bad?

lmao. “Don’t put the barrier down there moron!”

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Hey, even with those 2 modifiers on I still use those 2 classes. But I set them up accordingly.


  • Custom Hammerburst
  • Discipline
  • Resupply Amplifier
  • Resupply Healing Module
  • Cooperation

I have 3 things going for me with this set up, I’m still doing damage, provide a “Safe Zone” for the team while supplying ammo & increasing my teammate’s damage on enemies I marked. If they concentrate their fire on the enemy I marked, they’ll take it out fast.


  • Lancer GL Mastery
  • Custom Lancer
  • Grenade Satchel
  • Gambit
  • Good Kill/Concussive Strite

Instead of using the Boomshot, I swap it out for the Lancer GL and just use the Assault Rifle part. I keep the Lancer Mk. 3 mainly for the chainsaw if enemies get too close (enemies you can chainsaw).

Instead of using Frags, I use Shock Grenades and plant them near the front of our base & throw any spares I have on hand. Stunning enemies so my teammates can pick them off easier.

With Good Kill, I can provide my teammates additional ammo if I kill enemies with a teammate near me.

For Concussive strike, I can stun large groups of enemies (but I only use it when it’s necessary).

And don’t forget the Perks to increase the damage of the Lancers (Mk. 3 & GL).

So with this set-up, the Demolition is basically a “Shock Trooper”.

Maybe they want an engineer because they have a Repair Tool on hand. So they can maintain the taps & fabricator. It saves them from spending 5000 energy on a repair tool. And if the player who has the repair tool dies, that’s 5000 energy wasted & they have to spend another 5000 to get another one.

Also, don’t say “don’t even bother repairing the taps & let them destroy them”. That causes fluctuations on the energy you should get after each wave; you’re getting an inconsistent amount per wave for your Perks and weapons/ammo. And you also lose the extra health from the taps.

And don’t forget that the Mechanic & Robotics Expert have the Skill Cards to do hands on damage. Personally, I use Robotics Expert with the Ultra Power Drain on. Robotics Expert is like a hybrid between an Engineer & a Sniper. It has the Combat Engineer skill card that speeds up the repairs on the taps & fabricator, which is faster than the Mechanic’s Repair Efficiency. While at the same time, I set myself up to do some hands-on damage with the DeeBee weapons; mainly with the EMBAR.

All in all; These classes can be more versatile than you’d think. I see these modifiers as “indirect” messages from the Devs telling us to play the classes differently from how we normally would. But no, looks to me that people are too afraid to try something new/different from how they usually play.

Always sticking to that vanilla…

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Bad players in public matchmaking have always been a thing in horde, right back to Gears 2 (hello Rambo). With regards to Gears 5, i would agree that it’s the class/cards/xp and daily tour objectives that cause some of it.

There are so many ways to play and most of them can bring success but because the grind is as it is, most people have their own agenda whether it be levelling up the class, getting stars to complete objectives etc. You also have some players who believe there is only one way to have a chance of success and if the other players aren’t playing in that particular way, they take it upon themselves to move ■■■■ about and basically be a nuisance.

Personally i’m really hoping Seige gets added to custom as the focus is more on survival, not the meta, on the higher difficulty. Bad players on Seige generally die and sit a couple of waves out before they realise they should sit back and play with the team , not for themselves. Unless they quit of course but again, that’s always been a problem with horde players

Well as long as they’re competent enough to know how to play instead of wandering around trying to be Rambo/Superman.

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You aren’t wrong. Pulling that off made us feel like a hell of a boss. A lot of the OP1 hives had that feeling, with only a week to do the leaderboard thing.

At the same time though, it IS nice that they aren’t so ridiculous anymore as to make us say ‘never doing that again’, lol. Like we did at first.

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In my opinion I think it gotten worse because of the Horde Dailies. It’s was a nice change of pace where the modifiers changed but the rewards are what brought the flies to the sh*t. They see the rewards and know that they’ll get carried which is much worse in Escape depending on the map, since you really need to work together to finish it.

I’ve seen a ton of people who don’t know what their doing where they’ll build the most stupid fortifications first and then will proceed to constantly get themselves killed over and over again before eventually leaving it’s like they don’t learn their lesson.

I can only hope that Gears 6 won’t have card system but unfortunately if it was in 4 & 5 then it will most likely be in 6 and if it is i just hope that it isn’t as grindy because it really sucks the fun out of game.


It’s getting worse.

I don’t believe Re-up is a true measure of skill by any means, but the re-up boost everyone got means there are now some very inexperienced acting players running around who look experienced at first glance.

I run into 30+ Re-Up players who seem almost brand new to Horde, how is this possible I wonder?

Maybe they are PvP veterans who got tired of that mode, idk.

Not with playing friends
Not having said friends help in out maneuvering past the game’s flaws with proper communication and team work
In the current year

This blew up fast.
I’ll be reading this and replying with my own 2 cents.


Because everyone is selfishly toxic and think they are the big gun barriers should be where it benefits them personally and other people deposit for a locker just so they can use it for themselves because they put their points into damage so clearly for the good of the team the locker they didn’t pay for should go to them then you got jack who’s ammo boxes disappear at the end of the wave which I did not see in the notes but has been a thing since the op started so the only support he can really do in like a frenzy is the beam but that’s super boring so then people go for a hijack build instead now and leave the team to die and just things like that where people go in thinking the team should do this or that but not doing anything for the team themselves

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I agree Tactician can be built around resupply/hammerburst/spotting and I don’t mind that, it can be useful.

I’m talking about the people who still try playing explosives Demo/Tact with those modifiers as they clearly haven’t read them.

You could spec Demo for a lancer/grenade build, but why not just choose Veteran/Combat Medic? They’ll be much more useful.

Again it all comes back round to people just wanting the rewards for certain classes so they’ll play suboptimal and screw the rest of the team having to carry dead weight.

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No they don’t. They want fortifications and lockers.
Your comment is all about how YOU play but it’s not how most randoms play. It’s good that you know what cards to use depending on the map and modifiers but it’s not true for everyone else.

Yea, I almost hate Jack after this ridiculously unnecessary change. And that’s coming from someone with almost 30 days played as Jack. The total Hijack build has made him annoying as a teammate.


Wait how is that annoying? It helps out the team a lot especially if the Jack player knows what they’re doing.

yeah playing with randoms can be super intense… what’s that I’m the only one left on wave 1? oh cool, time to clutch lol.

Think they approve of wave 12 clutches more. Only had to pull one of those once though. Against a Swarmak while several Grenadier Elites and Sniper Elites were alive alongside Buzzkill Scions and Bastions, but I somehow managed to pull a win out of my ■■■ on that one while the others died to the Swarmak that ignored me as I abandoned the base to its doomed fate.

I don’t think the player base is any more dumb than other random matchmaking games. I hate to say it, but your average player is pretty dumb and doesn’t really care :man_shrugging:t2:
I usually have pretty good success in custom lobbies though.


I mean, the ranked base is not much better

This is a question I wish I knew myself but for escape. Regardless of the mediocrity that I subject myself with when it comes down to horde, I rarely find myself actually losing a game-regardless of which class I choose. I didn’t play other hordes besides this one but I was told all people did was speed run in Gears 4. The “art” of speedrun doesn’t make a player better-it makes them worse. It’s sad people still do it in Gears 5 when the level of one’s skill cards is not the most important thing in terms of winning and losing even though people pretend it is.

I guess my hypothesis is most of them spend time doing things that don’t make them better at the game. Working on easy maps, easy classes,etc.

There is a reason why if you look at “total mastered runs” for horde or escape for different maps-the easy maps have higher totals. Casuals want things to be easy and fast. That’s why they are casuals I guess.


yeah I agree with you but not everybody likes a challenge, I have one friend that did tons of the Master-Beginner exploit thing, which to me is worthless because I already think Master is pretty easy so would bore me even more.

Lots of folks just see games as them wasting time, so they think “anything I can do to speed this up will make it better” lol, now I do believe fully that Gears 5 is a much harder game than Gears 4 was but at the end of the day bad players will just find whatever exploit they can in order to not have to improve any.