Why Is The Horde Player Base So Bad?

I don’t know where to start …

… but most of us can agree, taking our chances in random lobbies with strangers and/or having randoms in our games is 90% of the time a miserable experience. Horde is king when played with friends and players you trust are good and know their role.

What do you think caused this?
Why do most players behave this way and think it’s ok?


They just don’t know any better, probably not been fortunate to play with other good players that have pointed out little details they didn’t know. Quite often people point stuff out to me that I had no idea about, but that’s largely because I played solo for so long.

It’s infuriating but I try to suck it up and either speak up or leave. I had a level 20 Blademaster today that didn’t melee once, even in the early waves. Why was he there? The cards, guaranteed gold card I’m sure.

That takes me to my main point, cards, CXP, XP grinding has ruined horde. You have so many people even if they are good players doing something completely against the maps/modifiers/team composition just to level a ■■■■■■■ useless class. Then they want to maximize the reward so they might be playing up from where they should be.

This game would be much much better without the grinding. If Gears 6 has it, I’m not playing it (pve).

Sometimes people just have a bad game too, I had one the other day with nomad and apologised to the randoms at the end. Everything went wrong. I’ve had a few shockers lately.


I find that the custom lobbies are competent and know what they’re doing. I’ve had plenty of successful 1-50 master runs with random custom lobbies.

It’s the players that use frenzy match making that are complete idiots, especially trying to do dailies when someone that’s not re-up’ed thinks it’s ok to join incon without a class over level 10. I’m not saying you NEED to be level 18+, just high enough that your cards will actually make an impact and help the team.

They see the cxp/gc reward and think they’ll get carried, most of the time not even looking at the modifiers and bringing classses that are counterintuitive like Tact/Demo on a 90% less explosive/bleeding modifier combo.


It’s a combination of lack of knowledge and XP/card grinding, like @dannyjo22 said.

I almost never ever pick my lvl.20 classes, instead opting for classes that need to be leveled up. I want the achievements associated, so picking, say, my lvl.18 Protector instead of my lvl.20 Infiltrator is beneficial for me. That said, PvE would be much easier if I just picked Infiltrator because, you know. It’s a MUCH better class.

If everyone on the team is doing that then obviously your team isn’t going to be very strong. Add in people picking classes they barely even know how to play OR don’t fit the map/modifiers well and you’re one bad stroke of luck from a total wipe.

I think playing with randoms is more fun gameplay wise but with friends its better for banter and game discussion. There is actually danger with randoms versus 100% success rate with friends.


Gears 4 “Speedrun” Meta and Overload take a very low amount of skill to complete and have ruined most not all of the PvE playerbase. So when those players decide they wanna play an actual map on gears 5 they have no actual clue what theyre doing.

Also, the majority of players being bad, in my opinion, is one of the big reasons Escape didn’t gain alot of traction. People don’t want challenge, they don’t want to learn anything new. They just want to hop and and spam GLs. Nothing wrong with that, its natural for people to find the easiest path to success.

Players being bad is what caused some Escape maps to be made waaay easier i.e. Gauntlet which was one of the hardest maps in the game and people whined that it was too hard so they made it easier. And they took Ironman away from escape, completely taking away any challenge left.


Some of them know the generic builds but most of them can’t or don’t want to read. Horde is relatively complex (this one) due to all the cards and classes. Knowing everything takes some time. The randoms probably often don’t have the time to read through all of that.

And as always, with almost every operation, the setups change.


Agreed here. RIP Escape.

Well, to be fair, I do think that there is some merit in the complaints with how ridiculous some hives are/were. Both Gauntlet and Descent were some of the absolute hardest, and now are some of the easiest. I won’t say that I didn’t want those maps and others adjusted, because I definitely did, but I’ll agree that they went a tad too far. Also, Surge was ruined and actually got HARDER thanks to speedrunners forcing TC to try and edit the map to stop it (sadly the speedrunners still found a way/too stubborn to try doing anything else).

There was also the health and damage rebalance in OP4 (massive improvement IMO), and the new classes that released the first few OPs that were kinda progressively stronger which all affect things, of course.

Also, in regards to Ironman? Going back to lobby was absolutely a tedious time waster. Yeah, multi-act hives don’t have to be done from the beginning anymore, but I’ll take that over constantly looking at the loading screen.

On topic? Yeah, most people just want to mindlessly shoot at enemies while sitting in a corner. Nothing wrong with trying to chill, but unfortunately the massive PvE XP and Skill Card grind with so many classes is obnoxious. So while it sucks, I don’t blame people for trying to farm stuff. That is the root cause of all this.


I agree with you on that fact that, yes, some hives were ridiculously hard but thats what made it fun for me. I will always advocate for higher difficulty. Helping alot of people with Guantlet for Seriously 5.0 with my buddy Willy was some of the most fun and Challenging things I’ve done in Gears in a long long time. The only hive that presents an even slight challenge in The Split. No other hive is challenging at all.

This is what unlike Gears 3 Horde that you have different possible Base Set Up, so I’m pretty sure for those who love and like to play GOW 3 Horde, are skillful players. I’m Not Trying to compare different GOW, but it’s the turning point where players choose the easy way instead of challenge because

Because Everything is about Grinding

In reality that majority of players are Grind for Success unlike GOW 3 that you can’t Grind something. You can only grind the XP for Fortifications.

Yep, some of them feel disappointed to the Low Base Skill Level of players. However, maybe it’s not about the Skill, it’s about the Card System that affect the whole class performance.

General to say, the Card System affect how players perform, which indirectly influence the skill level, because you can’t able to not rely on the Card.

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Well randoms gonna random.
That is not new and in every game.

WoW has a whole out of game measurement system for players in raids and mythics, because randoms are just random.
Your average player just doesn’t care enough.

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I’m totally with you!
I’m playing almost exclusively with randoms, through quickplay or through custom lobbies. It’s the feeling that you don’t know what you gonna get that does it for me I think.
Sure I get frustrated from time to time, both with noobs that don’t know what they’ re doing but also with grumpy Gears-veterans who always wants things a certain way. But after all, it’s just a game!


This is the horde drama I’ve always been looking for. I just picture someone saying “Man you suck as dizzy, we gotta get a better dizzy in here. Can’t have these detrimental dizzys anymore.”

Everybody starts somewhere, we’re all noobs at some point.

With that in mind I’ve made peace with people making less logical choices. Gotta realize they’re all there for the same reason, to have fun.

Ever since I’ve challenged myself to carry whoever I can at whatever level, the game has become less stressful and more fun.

Sure it sucks losing , especially long 50 waves but as long as I know I did my best to carry and be a good teammate, it’s all good.


Ive seen reup 50s level 100 that have no actual clue what game they’re playing lol


I think the answer is pretty simple…many people just don’t know how to play. As much as Horde vets like to think it’s become too easy, it’s really not for people who aren’t experienced and paying attention. I’m not saying it requires MENSA membership, but there is a pretty good learning curve, especially with how the class system is now.

And let’s face it, plenty of people get on a video game to mindlessly kill stuff, but unless you understand the basics of horde, it’s not the mode for that.

There’s also primarily PvP players who think their gold or platinum rank experience translates into a good Master horde run with a lvl 6 Brawler.

Same. It keeps things interesting and every game provides different challenges based on the teammates. Honestly, the only complaints I truly have about the quality of teammates in public MM are the ones who can’t comprehend that weapons on lockers aren’t just free for the taking, and those who move fabrications. Other than that, if I’ve got one competent teammate, I don’t mind carrying noobs.



Horde drama summed up is literally just backseat gaming

Sometimes it’s the new players.
Sometimes it’s the players who cheated to get to reup 50 and leveled up their classes.
Sometimes it’s pro players who play the class they are not used to.
Sometimes it’s old players who due to age don’t have the reaction of younger ones.
Sometimes it’s you g players who think they are gods.
Sometimes it’s sweaties who accidentally lost their way on the way to versus.
Sometimes it’s players who don’t read.

ADD - I personally hate when people don’t read modifiers. Eg Ultra Power Drain and fortifications cost 1000% more yet people demand an engie…

Same with Escape I had a Brawler on the Labyrinth on Master trying to kill Wardens… 6 times in a row… and he got killed… 6 times in a row. He was the host and the name of his lobby was “ Reup 50, level 20 or get kicked”


I mean, to each their own, but IMO there is high difficulty and then there is blatantly unfair lol. Having to restart Gauntlet because of not even wiping yet, but the Tactician unfortunately MISSING their one and only Torque Bow on dodgy, regenerating Bastions covering both enemies in the very first encounter was just over-the-top. Or Last Stand giving you a few weapons with half a mag each against a whole hoard of enemies. Like what are you supposed to reliably do lol.

Sounds like you have the opposite problem of those just trying to chill. Welcome to the 1% (probably even the 1% of the 1%), where you have done all the same hives so many times they all have gotten repetitive and monotonous. Kinda inevitable for PvE in any game, and new Escape support being RIP at this point in time certainly doesn’t help that.

I’m not QUITE all the way there like you are, but I mean, me and my friend Siul casually chill with Master Duos for fun, so maybe we aren’t too far off lol. But then again I don’t mind SOME repetition. I’ll say though that Horde has been more interesting to me lately just because I didn’t really do much of it until late Op 4/OP 5 came out. Was mostly all Escape prior.

Happened to me and my buddy so many times lol we would run the 3 original hivebusters, if keegan missed the shot we would have mac try and finish atleast one bastion. If those didn’t work, we would restart. BUT that feeling of finally beating the original Guantlet and helping someone with Guantlet is unmatched. You really felt like you accomplished something even if it was unfair with having to restart if mistakes were made.