Why is the hammerburst a six round burst automatic now

Self explanatory title. And with the new recoil system it’s better than the lancer in EVERY way because it’s hard to steady the lancer after so many bullets but with the hammerburst you can literally just hold the trigger down, you don’t need to rapid tap it anymore and it’s far steadier than the lancer

It is? Damn I didn’t even notice as I’m so used to releasing and pressing the trigger again. I do find the Hammerburst far more effective, even without this information, haha.

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Yes just hold the trigger down and you still land most of your shots in the clip, maybe even more if you are better at the recoil than i am

The question will this be a load out weapon? Hope it is. Of course as long as it’s balanced.

Doubt it will be a loadout.

Well what’s gonna be the loadout weapons? Because there’s places for that.

I really hope we aren’t subjected to the same boring lancer gameplay as 4 after they removed the HB.


Please post your feedback in the following thread :slight_smile: