Why Is The Escape Player Base So Bad?

I don’t know where to start …

… but most of us can agree, taking our chances in random lobbies with strangers and/or having randoms in our games is 90% of the time a miserable experience. Escape is king when played with friends and players you trust are good and know their role.

  • More lobby less gameplay.
  • Players don’t understand venom.
  • Unnecessarily agro’s swarm in areas you need to buy your time.
  • Melee classes taking all amo boxes.
  • Melee classes do not melee.

What do you think caused this?
Why do most players behave this way and think it’s ok?

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Donkeys aren’t that clever, they dont understand how escape works.

Blame the Insane Surge speedrun mentality for giving people the idea that they can just run, RUN, RRUUNNN!!!


It’s as if there aren’t already lots of threads about this exact topic… should everyone make a thread?


I only play surge on insane and run past everything so I couldn’t answer that question.


I mean, the game mode is called ESCAPE not Hive Assault, and killing everything in the hive doesn’t win you the game, closing the gates at the end does​:smirk:. If I can run past everything not dying, why waste extra time killing enemies? :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

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How about The Clock Master :crazy_face:

Why The Escape Player Base so bad because they play bad in Horde :stuck_out_tongue:.

Nah…Escape means to Escape every Enemy you meet, so I know how to Escape from Enemies.

Carry harder you dependent casual.


The 4 or 5 week character XP event is a big factor in what Horde and Escape has become. Now we have high levels with low cards thanks to this. Players just aren’t bothered learning classes, what works and what doesn’t work. If you not willing to at least learn a little bit about a mode then put the game away because you are actively ruining other peoples experiences.

Maybe if we got a few hives where sneaking is key this sort of behaviour wouldn’t happen as much (might have impacted and might have not lol) where a player runs off activating all the near by enemies or tries to run passed a group of aimbots lol. There was a time where I could converse and get players on board with an approach and vice versa but that time has come and gone lol.

I don’t mind a player who is just starting out, not performing well and is willing to learn a bit but I can’t stand a player who is just close minded and goes I do what I want when I want and eventually causes a team wipe.

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These two combined are probably my favourite bad rando combo.


I misread that as something else at first…


“The Clock Blaster”, right?



This is why I prefer to play on inconceivable or master where the bots shut down idiots with the quickness if they try to speedrun

I’ve played horde more but when I do play escape its very clear who knows how to properly play their class

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Dont know if you’ve played any other online game or even PvP on Gears for that matter, but you’d realize very quickly how bad so many ppl are at video games. Perhaps it’s because they dont care and just playing for fun (crazy, I know), are intoxicated, trolling, inexperienced, ignorant of the 82829291 unwritten rules of meta, or maybe even just stupid.

Whatever the reason, this isn’t a thing that just exists in one game mode in a single game - its everywhere. Also, isnt there a thread exactly like this with hundreds of posts? Why make another one lol

The Holy Trinity of “Why Is The Player Base So Bad” discussions is now complete!

Now we just need a “Why Is the Quickplay/Campaign Player Base So Bad?”

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Same goes for PvP and Horde.

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I dunno. I only did Campaign 3 times with trusted friends.
But you can make the thread if you had bad experiences in campaign lobbies.

if I may…why would anyone play the campaign with randoms? there is no benefit?