Why is the connection so bad

Why is in every Gears the Connection so bad. In one game I have a ping of 20 in the next game it is 140…
Its every time the same. I love gears, but it is frustrating with this laggy connection. I quit gears 4 2 weeks after release and I think it will be the same with gears 5. I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

And I have a 100k mbs with 93 mbs download and 45 mbs upload.

It’s most likely down to the others in the game. When the game launched, I was getting a decent ping on Horde and Escape, but entering VS shot it to over 100-200 at times. Give it a few days and it should iron out for everyone.

Gears of war can’t rlly afford a few days.

I don’t see why it doesn’t. The official launch isn’t till a couple days. The Ultimate Gamepass users are the only ones who have access right now, so it’s not like it would really affect it’s sales

Yeah the game constantly putting me in 140-200 ping games, then now and again putting me in 30-40 ping. The servers are utter crap, TC can’t even implement regional matchmaking or search parameters, good luck asking them to do anything.

It would be great it it only be a few days, but in every Gears the Connection is bad. The whole time.

TC thought that merging all the regions together was a good idea.

So you could literally end up on any server.