Why is the Cog skull omen on new Cog soldiers?

Anyone noticed that the new Cog soldiers have the old omen? i thought the cog changed to the phoenix omen? Does anyone know the lore reason for this?

( Old thread I know )

Couldn’t find anything concrete so I suppose you have to speculate.


If you take a look at the NCOG marine . . .

and JD

You can take the omen to be a regimental symbol, so the new COG gears are either operating as reformed regiments of old or they’ve taken on that regimental symbol to honor them ( possibly a bit of both )

Meanwhile the new officer corps ( JD and CO have the phoenix omen )

Another reason could be well the pattern / blueprint for the armour, although it looks different to other gears games we can take this to be an artstyle change rather than a new armour design.

So the armour from the ( late ) pendulum wars is still being made as it was back then hence the old omen .

Well . . that’s pretty much all I can think of