Why is the Bobble Head modifier green?

Why isn’t this modifier dark velvet evil red? Certainly this isn’t suppose to be “fun” right?

Hard pass on this daily.
Anywho what’s your least favorite modifier? I can already take some guesses :eyes:


Because green usually is a color indicative of an infection and that modifier is a plague upon humanity.


Yeah, it’s the single hardest modifier in the game if you’re playing Marksman. If it’s supposed to make the game easier, the hitbox would have to match the new size, which it doesn’t. Visual obfuscation is a very real thing in difficulty.


Marksman, Nomad, Anchor and sometimes Robotic Experts all can suffer from this modifier. Had the hitbox matched the head It’d be fine but it doesn’t and literally works as a negative.


Agreed, but it’s especially bad for Marksman because its high level meta is hitting rapid, successive headshots in order to maximize X-ray. The whole point is you can’t really take your time to think about where the actual head lines up underneath the obfuscated head model.

Good luck getting TC to do something about it, been this way since it was introduced with Op 5.


Even Stronger Enemies - Why?Because it stops me to play CQC Classes

However, I still pretend I can bypass this Modifier, but obviously it’s Too Hard.

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DUDE I wish I had recorded the freaking Bolter that downed me and my team like 7 times back to back. Even stronger enemies just makes everything a one shot I swear.

Also I’m sure most of you here know this but the closer you are to a Bolter the faster they shoot :slight_smile:

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Green supposedly to be an advantage for you but TC didn’t do it right as usual

Ultra Stopping Power.

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I don’t agree. I’m getting consistent and regular headshot kills as a Mechanic with the longshot and EMBAR with bobbleheads, I don’t see why a Marksman should find it anymore difficult than I do? Perhaps they assume wrongly that the headshot hitbox has grown to match the bobblehead? In non-bobbleheads the headshot hitbox is quite generous in terms of its size, so maybe they’re used to actually missing the centre of the head and still registering a headshot kill, which of course doesn’t work with bobbleheads.

Having said that in today’s daily two different Marksman left separate games so maybe they were finding it difficult.

The only aspect to bobbleheads I find tricky when using the longshot or EMBAR is the exaggerated head wobble which simply means you have to time the shot more carefully.

Given I normally end up having to play Engineer my least favourite mutator is of course the poison flusher one which is an absolute pain to deal with regarding barriers.

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I’ve completed many Horde sessions with Marksman on Bobble Head modifier, it’s more annoying than difficult.

That is literally the issue Jewel, the head size has given you a false representation of where the head is.

How am I suppose to judge the center of my enemies original head If I can’t see it? By this logic I’m suppose to know where to land my shots exactly even if the enemy was headless. The bobble head is a visual obstruction, nothing more to it. The advice everyone knows and goes by with Marksman and Bobble Head is to aim lower, that’s about it.

Call it whatever you want, but its still an annoyance.

Yes it’s an annoyance but the most difficult modifier for a Marksman as per the original contention? I don’t agree! There are far worse modifiers for Marksmen than bobbleheads. Two lots of More Heath? You have to headshot multiple times to get a headshot kill, particularly in early waves before you’ve perked Precision Weapons or Critical Damage and that uses up more ammo probably before you’ve got a locker. Likewise Health Regeneration, how annoying is it to headshot an enemy taking them down to a slivver of health only for them to duck into cover and come back out at full heath again? Rinse and repeat that a few times if you want annoyance and difficulty.

Bobblehead enemies still allow you to one-shot them, you just have to be more accurate.

I think Marksmen have grown lazy (I’m not aiming that at you btw) in the sense that the headshot hitbox in normal headed enemies is generous and you don’t have to be that accurate to register a headshot kill. Bobblehead enemies mean you do now have to be accurate and a lot of Marksmen seem to struggle with that.

A good accurate Marksman should have no more difficulty with bobbleheads than with regular sized heads as long as you adjust your aim and shot timing accordingly.

This is just my opinion, I’m not saying it’s the right opinion, just an opinion based on my experience.

Eh, high level Marksman gameplay is significantly different than sniping as a Mechanic or even an Anchor. High level Marksman gameplay occupies the top of all Horde metas. When I say rapid fire headshots, I mean you need to be averaging a headshot in well under a second each. Any kind of visual obfuscation is going to disproportionately affect the Marksman more because of its ability to get headshots much faster.

For me the worst modifiers are 3x extra damage for obvious reasons. With how accurate enemies are getting 1-shot through stim is a painful experience.
The second is 3x extra health as it just makes enemies even more bullet sponges so playing as a weaker class just sucks.
The third is Ultra Stopping power as it makes playing a roaming class less effective and slows the game down.

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Do you feel like this also applies with Freezing and Shock enemies?

Shock seems more of an issue for classes sticking close to the base as it chains them. Freezing needs some nerfs especially the grenadier variant maybe they should lower the range and damage of it.

For me shock anything and freezing anything ranks quite high there.

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Freezing Rifles is by far worse than freezing grenadiers or freezing snipers. At least you can spot grenadiers because I don’t think they ever take cover. Freezing Rifles affects so many enemies and it hits you out of nowhere at range.

But I do hate when a Locust Grenadier pulls out a Boltok and freezes you across the map, and you assume it’s just a Bolter and that you’d be okay. Nope. I was even using Freeze Resist Gunner and one of those mfs froze me across the map. Like it completely just ignored my freeze resist.

Long Range Gambit is one of my least favorite modifiers. You gotta have a good engineer that knows how to keep enemies far away. Without a good engineer that mod is tough. It also basically forces the use of Marksman, which I hate because a good Marksman makes the game boring for everybody.