Why is the aiming OFFFFFFFF

Coalition. You always find a way to change a game that’s already good because people complain about stupid stuff. Why are people not aiming at me and killing me, but I can shoot someone point blank and get 1% damage.

Post a video so I can laugh

I agree people not even pointing at me are killing me. My shots don’t count even though my ping is 12 and there’s is a hundred plus. Today it’s totally broken.

The aim is off due to the camera being central to the screen and the shotgun isn’t central to the screen, best way I can explain it for you is set private game up with a friend aim in with reticule of the shotgun lancer or pistol. but aim over the left shoulder of your appointment then you will see that you will hit them even with the reticule not even on your opponent

If your character was standing straight on to an opponent and you moved your camera to look to the right of your opponent your weapon you have equipment for example your gnasher would then be firing straight at them
All to do with line of aim of the weapon

People, we have our answer.

Thread can be closed now


I wanted to see the video of the problem that he was havin’ LOL , but if its going to be closed then its ok man .

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