Why is Such a Short Game 128Gb of Disk Space?

I mean…come on…

What is the deal with this? It even takes forever to download from the Microsoft Store on fast broadband. I can download a game on my PS4 faster than this did.

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It’s been recently suggested that the game should have modular downloads, so you can optionally uninstall the campaign. That would be best since we could all have our hard drive space back :slight_smile:

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4k update added an absurd amount of GB to the game

I remember when I first seen the 100gigs I was like really… I am generally used to playing games that don’t crack 50gigs.

This. ^
Was 1 minute too late.

From my experience Xbox downloads far quicker than PlayStation.

It does take a while, Xbox can’t max my connection so it’s only doing around 230 Mb - 250 Mb out of 400 Mb …

But it’s becaue of 4K and the higher quality assets.

I don’t mind because it’s worth the additional download time :+1:

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Because devs these days forgot that compression exists

Games download at about the same speed for me on both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Generally around 180-240mbps.

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