Why is Store-boost not stackable?

So TC just proved that Boost could technically be stacked ad infinitum. Which leads to the question why they haven’t made that purchaseable yet. Easy money on their end and an actual incentive to purchase Iron, Wouldn’t impact gameplay in the slighest as well.


Oh if they had double or triple boost I would definately consider buy iron lol

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They haven’t,

4x XP is just temporary for the weekend.

It’s not permanent.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

If I’ve already bought boost prior to this and it’s still running, will I get 4 xp still or only double? (Sorry if this is a stupid question).

Of course it’s just temporary, but apparently it’s possible to go past 100% boost. The idea is you purchase x days of boost and then you’re given the option to either add more days of boost or stack them on the already existing boost resulting in 100%+ each time you do so.

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I know what you’re trying to suggest. I don’t think the recent 4x XP has proven this.

I’m wondering if everyone with Boost has 4x XP. Including those that didn’t have Boost previously. If so, then that doesn’t prove it was stackable.

If previous Boost members were the only ones getting 4x XP and the non-Boost (previously) members now get 2x XP, then yes, it has been stackable.

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What I’m trying to say is it’s possible to recieve at least a 300% Bonus from boost. So they should be able to implement this as a premium-option.


My guess would be that stacking Boost like 99 times for a week or something, could be out of line in expectation. So someone could get to 50 really fast, when it seems they’re trying to prolong the game’s lifespan for like 3 years.


Well, they confirmed more Re-ups afaik and like I said, this doesn’t affect gameplay at all. It’s just an ego-boost.

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It would affect progression… imagine playing one match of Escape or Horde and your character goes from Level 1 to 18 quite fast. Like in an hour or few,

Edit: Stacking Boost would sound a lot like a pay to win practice.


Pay to win for what? There’s no gameplay advantage in a PvP environment gained by Boost.


I wasn’t referring to the PvP side.

Whenever Boost comes up, it’s usually helpful for ToD, PvE content and progression,

Stacking Boost only sounds reasonable if doing something PvE related,

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It’s still not pay to win but pay to progress faster.


You know what I mean.

That’s why I said it sounds like.

You don’t have to pick apart everything I say. :roll_eyes:

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This whole xp event actually got me thinking each year for the games anniversary TC should increase the base multiplier(3x,4x, etc) for boost. Would incentivize people to buy/spend iron and make boost super valuable as the game goes on. Honestly just comes down to what the changes to re ups and rewards are in op5.

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And this is my problem with their communication sometimes. I read both the What’s Up and the post for “This week in Gears August 4 - 10” and none of them mentioned a 4X XP boost, I only happened to know that by reading this post Same deal with their tournaments, I only know if I happen to be around my laptop and I see that it’s live.

They really need to work on that.

I mean, stackable yeah, they could sell it as an option.

Will they sell it as an option? Probably never.

I’d be happy if they had 4x boost weekends every weekend, but instead you have to buy the boost rather than getting it for free. I know a lot of people wouldn’t like it, but it would encourage more people to buy boost, even if it was for a week or something like that.

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The worse thing about the Boost is the fact as soon as you buy it, the countdown starts no matter if you are playing Gears or not.
It should only activate each time you play and only then.


@Duffman_GB That is why I refuse to waste money on boost. That is about as anti-consumer as it gets imo.